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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and am still debating between an Amerique vs. a FEC100 smoker. I am leaning towards the FEC100 and will make a decision soon.

My question is...

I love to throw a handful of chopped onions in the grill when barbecuing for the great smoke flavor that onions can provide. With either of the two smokers, is there a way to incorporate that great onion smoke and flavor in the cooking process?
I guess you can chop and mix onion parts with the pellets...but was wondering if anyone has done this before.
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If you decide on the Amerique, I suppose you could try adding half an onion to the wood tray but you'll need to keep an eye on it...too much char and the burnt onion will leave an unpleasant flavor behind (I think).

Don't know how'd you'd do it with an FEC.

Why not just boost your rubs/marinades with granulated onion or onion powder?
As the good cooks said above.
Some things aren't worth doubling the effort to gain 1 % in final finished product.
A grill may be lightly charring,or releasing the moisture in a short hot cook.

Many cooks find that the smoke from the wood on long slow cooks will be 99% of the flavor,and negligible amounts on most any fresh herb/vegetable products.

That said,there are some cooks that feel on a slow/lo cook,foil wrapping garlic,or rosemary might give them some minimal benefit, when most cooks find learning to cook the meat correctly is 99% of their finished product.

Try it and let us know.

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