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Present, Sir!

I'm Cog, also unpaid. I am a part time devils advocate, part time food safety officer, an inveterate non-believer and questioner of truth. The quality of my equipment always exceeds my talents (hence, the Cookshack) I am a resident gluteal scholar (ie: smart a__) and I like to cook because I love to eat! Big Grin
Hi, my name is Andi, and I'm a Smokaholic. I like sunsets, long walks on the beach, and the last book I read was The Smoked Foods Cookbook. I really love a soft fall rain and the smell of Moose guts steaming in the crisp Autumn air. My favorite singer is KD Lang and I am an Independent voter. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing,drinking beer, and teasing men. I was once voted Most-Likely-To-Strip. Thank You. Big Grin
My name is Jason Houde (Hood). My friends called me Hoodsie growing up, reason unknown. I have always been the person who cooked for everyone at the BBQ's. Know I have discovered smoking. Smoking is not very popular where I live. I am still awaiting my CS (HAS BEEN 3 1/2 WEEKS). I have a homemade side firebox smoker which I have been using for about a year know. My others hobbies are skiing and having a good time.
Looking for to some tips from everyone on my newest hobbie! Big Grin
Hey, all. Used to be purist woodburner... have two Weber kettles, a metal offset and the Smokette. Haven't used the offset since... I got the Smokette. Have got brisket and butts just where I want em (Smokette only). Do ribs on Smokette and the Weber... still love the Weber for its versatility. We've got a little chili and rib cookoff at my place this weekend for about 60 of our closest friends. Intend to kick my buddies' collective asses. Will do a few briskets in the Cookshack, then chop it up for the chili!!! That will teach em a lesson! Big Grin
Boston Baked Beans!

Simple but good!

2 cups dried pea beans, picked over
3/4 # salt pork, cut into 1/4 # chunks
1/2 to 3/4 cup molasses
1/2 tsp. must. powder
1/4 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. grated onion
1 tbl. sugar

Combine beans with four cups cold water, soak overnight, drain and reserve liquid.
Put beans in a small kettle, add fresh cold water to cover (3 1/2 cups), simmer covered 1 hour. Drain beans and combine liquid with soaking liquid. Lightly sear pork in kettle then add beans. Add all other ingredients in a bowl with 1/2 cup combined liquid, mix and add to bean. Mix well. Cook at 300 deg. add combined liquid at roughly hour intervals to keep beans covered. Stir every hour four six hours. Remove lid for the last hour.

Enjoy!! Big Grin
Now Andi!

Quit that. See we're talking about new members and you go after a Bean Recipe. (but thanks for getting it Roll Eyes and I'm glad he didn't email you so we could all share

Hoodsie, I'm going to "cut" your recipe and put it in the recipe section. If I didn't everyone would miss the chance to see your bean recipe later when I move this post to archives. Welcome to the group. Make sure you check the archives. As for your smoker, they sell a lot in Sept at our fair, may take a while. Just call, they'll help you out.

Hi there. My name is i2BBQ. Get it? I didn't know there was a Cookshack until March 2001. I didn't know the whole BBQ universe was organized and had websites until March 2001. I was cooking things on charcoal all by myself for all that time...and doing ok. My father loved cumin as a base for any and all pork marinades. Cumin, cumin, cumin.

Now look at me. That's just about all the story, except that the Gators lost this weekend, and so the championship will go to...some outfit like the Sooners.

And, when I grow up, I'm going to Alaska to marry Andi.
Em....well, Jen here, and I've just joined. Today actually, how's that for brand new?
Question is...and I know some of you might get a bit testy here, but...what EXACTLY is smoking?? Also, I'm wondering if fingers will be pointed at me along with sniggering if I admitt to only ever grilling on a barbeque? And not even with coals, with a gas cooker??
Jen, hello. Welcome to this place of wonders. You ask a good question, and make a brave declaration...but no need for apologies.

What is smoking? You're about to get a lot of commentary on that one. But, since you are accustomed to "grilling," you can start with that. If grilling is quick, smoking is slow. You achieve "doneness" by prolonged exposure to a low heat. If grilling is direct heat, smoking is indirect heat. And, as the name implies, it's good to have some smoke in the formula. To keep the smoke in the vicinity of that which is being smoked, you enclose the product in a chamber.

Okay, I'll dodge out of the way. But, keep on grilling. You need to do both (smoke and grill) to grow old happy. Cool
Bill here, I was a lurker but I have converted. If you ask my wife over converted. We have always been a grilling family with a Little chief smoker on the side for fish, Jal. peppers, small stuff. But now we have used the CS at least twice a week since we got it, and love it. I brew beer when I am not smoking. The two go great together. It also attracts many "friends" which isnt' half bad.
Aaron here. Have been smoking for many years. Started with a bullett smoker then an offset, weber etc. Always wanted a Cookshack unit and finally got it when my wife got one for me as a housewarming gift. My family and friends instantly loved the food from my Smokette. Parents wanted one from the start. I was able to give my parents my smokette when I won a model 55 in this years cooking contest. Cannot say enough good things about all the great people at Cookshack and all the great information on this forum.
Howdy, Michael V. Major here from sunny Venezuela, (that's in South America) I'm Canadian by birth from Vancouver, but my BBQ experience has been honed in Albuquerque, Santo Domingo, and here in Venezuela where I smoke with mango wood in a home made gas fired vertical chamber. I sure was lucky the mango tree in the back yard came down! Now if I could only catch one of those free-grazing moose that Andi has missed...moose and mango, sounds good, but not likely. Saving up for a CS, maybe at x-mas, or if my ex gets her way the tooth fairy will bring me one.
HEY that's what I like to see, new people and old lurkers coming out to say HI!!!!!


JetlagJen, welcome and if you want to start a new post (hint,hint - that's what we moderators do -- hint) we'll be happy to explore your question. Last time, a similar question had over 40 responses...hmm, we like to talk don't we.

Thanks for checking in!
Got a smokette as a birthday gift from my wife - she must really like me as she isn't a fan of strong smoke flavors.

I grew up in Wisconsin where teutonic smoked meats reign: ham, bacon, jerky, homade sausage from slim jims to fat pats to mettwurst, all so smokey that you wonder where's the fire... (Once drove into Thorp, WI, saw huge plume of smoke, looked for fire engines & sirens, nope, it's just Nolechek's Locker making bacon)

Currently live in suburban wastelands of Louisville and have grown to enjoy bbq - Moonlite of Owensboro is a particular favorite.

Great thing about CS is likelihood of success for beginners or with new recipes - have tried beef, chicken, pork loin, smoked brats, salmon, marlin, beans and more. Most were delicious and all at least passable - can't say that about all outdoor cooking equipment.

Next acquisition may be a Primo ceramic grill - like a Green Egg. The quest for an electric smoker began when I realized that my Dukane made a lousy smoker - I've now realized it's not much of a grill either where steaks are concerned. But will probably hold off as we're hoping to move somewhere else in the midwest...any suggestions, gang?

Here's sort of a recipe:

Pork Chops ala Ham
Rub 2 1" thick chops (about 14oz each) with 1 tsp Morton's TenderQuick. Dust with white pepper, fenugreek, and paprika. Refrigerate in closed container for 24-36 hours. Smoke at 225F with 1oz maple until 165F - about 3 hours for me.

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