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Present, Sir!

I'm Cog, also unpaid. I am a part time devils advocate, part time food safety officer, an inveterate non-believer and questioner of truth. The quality of my equipment always exceeds my talents (hence, the Cookshack) I am a resident gluteal scholar (ie: smart a__) and I like to cook because I love to eat! Big Grin
Hi, my name is Andi, and I'm a Smokaholic. I like sunsets, long walks on the beach, and the last book I read was The Smoked Foods Cookbook. I really love a soft fall rain and the smell of Moose guts steaming in the crisp Autumn air. My favorite singer is KD Lang and I am an Independent voter. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing,drinking beer, and teasing men. I was once voted Most-Likely-To-Strip. Thank You. Big Grin
My name is Jason Houde (Hood). My friends called me Hoodsie growing up, reason unknown. I have always been the person who cooked for everyone at the BBQ's. Know I have discovered smoking. Smoking is not very popular where I live. I am still awaiting my CS (HAS BEEN 3 1/2 WEEKS). I have a homemade side firebox smoker which I have been using for about a year know. My others hobbies are skiing and having a good time.
Looking for to some tips from everyone on my newest hobbie! Big Grin
Hey, all. Used to be purist woodburner... have two Weber kettles, a metal offset and the Smokette. Haven't used the offset since... I got the Smokette. Have got brisket and butts just where I want em (Smokette only). Do ribs on Smokette and the Weber... still love the Weber for its versatility. We've got a little chili and rib cookoff at my place this weekend for about 60 of our closest friends. Intend to kick my buddies' collective asses. Will do a few briskets in the Cookshack, then chop it up for the chili!!! That will teach em a lesson! Big Grin
Boston Baked Beans!

Simple but good!

2 cups dried pea beans, picked over
3/4 # salt pork, cut into 1/4 # chunks
1/2 to 3/4 cup molasses
1/2 tsp. must. powder
1/4 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. grated onion
1 tbl. sugar

Combine beans with four cups cold water, soak overnight, drain and reserve liquid.
Put beans in a small kettle, add fresh cold water to cover (3 1/2 cups), simmer covered 1 hour. Drain beans and combine liquid with soaking liquid. Lightly sear pork in kettle then add beans. Add all other ingredients in a bowl with 1/2 cup combined liquid, mix and add to bean. Mix well. Cook at 300 deg. add combined liquid at roughly hour intervals to keep beans covered. Stir every hour four six hours. Remove lid for the last hour.

Enjoy!! Big Grin
Now Andi!

Quit that. See we're talking about new members and you go after a Bean Recipe. (but thanks for getting it Roll Eyes and I'm glad he didn't email you so we could all share

Hoodsie, I'm going to "cut" your recipe and put it in the recipe section. If I didn't everyone would miss the chance to see your bean recipe later when I move this post to archives. Welcome to the group. Make sure you check the archives. As for your smoker, they sell a lot in Sept at our fair, may take a while. Just call, they'll help you out.

Hi there. My name is i2BBQ. Get it? I didn't know there was a Cookshack until March 2001. I didn't know the whole BBQ universe was organized and had websites until March 2001. I was cooking things on charcoal all by myself for all that time...and doing ok. My father loved cumin as a base for any and all pork marinades. Cumin, cumin, cumin.

Now look at me. That's just about all the story, except that the Gators lost this weekend, and so the championship will go to...some outfit like the Sooners.

And, when I grow up, I'm going to Alaska to marry Andi.
Em....well, Jen here, and I've just joined. Today actually, how's that for brand new?
Question is...and I know some of you might get a bit testy here, but...what EXACTLY is smoking?? Also, I'm wondering if fingers will be pointed at me along with sniggering if I admitt to only ever grilling on a barbeque? And not even with coals, with a gas cooker??
Jen, hello. Welcome to this place of wonders. You ask a good question, and make a brave declaration...but no need for apologies.

What is smoking? You're about to get a lot of commentary on that one. But, since you are accustomed to "grilling," you can start with that. If grilling is quick, smoking is slow. You achieve "doneness" by prolonged exposure to a low heat. If grilling is direct heat, smoking is indirect heat. And, as the name implies, it's good to have some smoke in the formula. To keep the smoke in the vicinity of that which is being smoked, you enclose the product in a chamber.

Okay, I'll dodge out of the way. But, keep on grilling. You need to do both (smoke and grill) to grow old happy. Cool
Bill here, I was a lurker but I have converted. If you ask my wife over converted. We have always been a grilling family with a Little chief smoker on the side for fish, Jal. peppers, small stuff. But now we have used the CS at least twice a week since we got it, and love it. I brew beer when I am not smoking. The two go great together. It also attracts many "friends" which isnt' half bad.
Aaron here. Have been smoking for many years. Started with a bullett smoker then an offset, weber etc. Always wanted a Cookshack unit and finally got it when my wife got one for me as a housewarming gift. My family and friends instantly loved the food from my Smokette. Parents wanted one from the start. I was able to give my parents my smokette when I won a model 55 in this years cooking contest. Cannot say enough good things about all the great people at Cookshack and all the great information on this forum.
Howdy, Michael V. Major here from sunny Venezuela, (that's in South America) I'm Canadian by birth from Vancouver, but my BBQ experience has been honed in Albuquerque, Santo Domingo, and here in Venezuela where I smoke with mango wood in a home made gas fired vertical chamber. I sure was lucky the mango tree in the back yard came down! Now if I could only catch one of those free-grazing moose that Andi has missed...moose and mango, sounds good, but not likely. Saving up for a CS, maybe at x-mas, or if my ex gets her way the tooth fairy will bring me one.
HEY that's what I like to see, new people and old lurkers coming out to say HI!!!!!


JetlagJen, welcome and if you want to start a new post (hint,hint - that's what we moderators do -- hint) we'll be happy to explore your question. Last time, a similar question had over 40 responses...hmm, we like to talk don't we.

Thanks for checking in!
Got a smokette as a birthday gift from my wife - she must really like me as she isn't a fan of strong smoke flavors.

I grew up in Wisconsin where teutonic smoked meats reign: ham, bacon, jerky, homade sausage from slim jims to fat pats to mettwurst, all so smokey that you wonder where's the fire... (Once drove into Thorp, WI, saw huge plume of smoke, looked for fire engines & sirens, nope, it's just Nolechek's Locker making bacon)

Currently live in suburban wastelands of Louisville and have grown to enjoy bbq - Moonlite of Owensboro is a particular favorite.

Great thing about CS is likelihood of success for beginners or with new recipes - have tried beef, chicken, pork loin, smoked brats, salmon, marlin, beans and more. Most were delicious and all at least passable - can't say that about all outdoor cooking equipment.

Next acquisition may be a Primo ceramic grill - like a Green Egg. The quest for an electric smoker began when I realized that my Dukane made a lousy smoker - I've now realized it's not much of a grill either where steaks are concerned. But will probably hold off as we're hoping to move somewhere else in the midwest...any suggestions, gang?

Here's sort of a recipe:

Pork Chops ala Ham
Rub 2 1" thick chops (about 14oz each) with 1 tsp Morton's TenderQuick. Dust with white pepper, fenugreek, and paprika. Refrigerate in closed container for 24-36 hours. Smoke at 225F with 1oz maple until 165F - about 3 hours for me.
Was lurking, but finally made a couple a couple of posts. Have enjoyed our CS Smokette for two years now. I am a former inner-city high school librarian, retired part-time grocery clerk, Vietnam combat veteran, and now work as a proofreader. I have been married to the same woman for 35 years, am goofy about our twin grandsons who will be one year old next month, and enjoy music, especially Woody Guthrie, and another Oklahoma native singer and songwriter, Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Lee Graham (lefty)
Hi All,
My name is Jay and I live in Boston although I'm originally from Arkansas which is where I get the smokin genes from. Lots of good BBQ back there in the Ozarks. I've had my Model 50 about 3 months now and after checking my journal I've already done over 200 lbs. of meat. I just catered the R&D picnic at my company a few weeks ago (50 people). I love the forum and it definitely is why I got a Cookshack, thanks for the encouragement and help.

Nice to see so many yanks who love their smoked meats! I'm in northern New Jersey and I got my smokette in May 2001. It was a direct result of a number of dried out brisket failures in my electric water smoker. Stumbled onto CS on the net and bought after seeing therave reviews on this forum. I'm a semi-retired lawyer and investor with 4 kids. I guess I use my smokette twice a month and have done the basics, ribs, turkey, butt, brisket, beans.

Finally, I too am a member of the Andi Fan Club. You can tell from her posts that she just oozes personality. Why do Moose have all the luck!

Keep up the good work Smokin'! We love you man!
terry here, I'm a Land Surveyor in Floyds Knobs Indiana.
I guess I'm considered a lurker, however, I do post once in a while. I read through the forum every weekday on my lunch hour but am unable to post from work. At home, I can rarely get the computer away from the kids. Yea, got it tonight.
Developed my taste for smoked foods while down in Texas during the 80's.
I used a NBBD for 2 years, then bought a smokette 2 years ago, and bought a M50 this last summer.

Keep Smokin'
Terry kendall
Hi, I am Donna Johnson, and I work for Cookshack. My Mom and Dad, Gene and Judy Ellis, started Cookshack about 40 years ago. They passed away in 1985. I have been involved with Cookshack, officially, since 1981.

I love my job. Yesterday I got to spend the day making rubs and smoking ... well, I can't tell you what I was smoking because it was for the contest. (Results TBA tomorrow.) Now that is what I call a great job! Cooking and eating barbecue!

In addition to my Q role, I am a Mom, a wife, a crazy quilter (no, I am not crazy, the quilts are), a gardener, and I love computers. I like to drink wine, hang out with my friends and laugh. I have a dog, Katy, who is a 4 month old Bichon Frise, and she is a spoiled rotten baby.

Thanks, Smokin', for the chance for us to become better acquainted.

Hello to all,

I just got back to Tampa, Florida from a car trip to New Jersey and saw this roll call.

I am a retired physician. Elinor, my wife and chief food critic, and I live in a townhome on a small island in the mouth of Tampa Bay.

I have been cooking for many years, starting at home when very young, cooking breakfast for the football team at Florida University to pay my way through college, and continuing to learn about food and cooking since then.

We have a Smokette and a Big Green Egg on a small porch off my kitchen. I cook the Que there and like to take pictures of the finished results to share with you on this forum and the BGE forum.

Smokin and some others that he has encouraged want to hassle me about my Egg- but they know I use both my cookers to take advantage of their unique qualities.

In addition to cooking, I am interested in digital photography, dogs (we have 2 Schnauzers), computers and my 2 young grandchildren, not in order of preference.

My sister and I write a restaurant review/food column for a local Tampabay magazine.

That's about it for me. Big Grin

I enjoy every minute I spend on this forum, and especially when I get egged. Cool

I'm trying to decide whether to do some baby-backs in the Egg or Smokette as we speak. they were $2.99/pound at Albertson's today. My daughter took me to a place that she said had great ribs in Summit, NJ last Monday. Guess what? They were preboiled (uugh Eeker ), and oven baked in a sweet sauce until they turned grey and fell off their bones. I told her they were wonderful. Need to get my taste buds perked up by some good QUE.
As you can tell by my name I work for Cookshack :)

I've been with Cookshack almost a year now, and love working for the company. Donna and I are in Norman, Oklahoma. If you receive email from us or have a question it's very possible you received them from one of us. I also keep the UBB up and running and maintain our website, work with the web designers and a host of other duties, including cooking and judging the quarterly recipe contests!

As Andi describes me I'm a even though my name is spelled with a Y which can be confusing.

I have a Smokette and do LOT'S of cooking, and of course everyone likes to come to my house for dinner and I'm usually always asked to pot lucks...gee I've been wondering why I have so many invitations to bring a

I am a (young) and love to travel and have been blessed to be able to do just that, I raised 3 foster boys, and was a ranchers wife for 22 years and moved to Oklahoma about a year ago from California.

If I can be of any help with questions related to the forum or other sales/marketing questions please let me know I'll be glad to help.
Hi everyone,

It's fun seeing who all is on the forum. Hope the rest of the lurkers will jump in there.

As you can see my name is Stuart and some days I am the president of Cookshack. The other days I am usually found playing golf. Not quite ready yet to give up my day job.

Actually I have the best job in the world, Donna and her brother Mark had everything running like clock work, I showed up and just try to keep the clock wound up... Have been part of the Cookshack team for 10 years, we have a great group of employees and a great group of friends that just happen to be customers.
Hi from Rochester NY. Recovering from second degree burns on face and arms, singed hair and lost eyebrows. All in the name of Q.Have been smoking on a Weber gas grill. Soaked chips in a cast iron pan set on burner grates below ribs. Worked well but couldn't get "low and slow". At lowest temp (200), chips didn't smoke. Solution: 5 gal metal bucket with lid, cut a door in the side with hinge,a hole in the top for flexible 4" duct. Small camp stove sat inside to heat the iron pan with chips. All this was ducted to a hole cut in the side of Weber. On paper it looked good. Weber supplies low heat and the bucket provides the smoke. The damned thing nearly blew up. The stove over heated and turned into a blow torch. Tried to open the door to shut off stove and well.. see first sentence. Next day tore it apart and replaced stove with a burner fed by propane tank OUTSIDE of the bucket. Worked great, low and slow with lost of smoke. Wonderful ribs, and a Butt.But, it needed a LOT of tending.

Final solution:bought a Smokintex, which in my novice brain I thought WAS a Cookshack. Well I must have lucked out and got one of the last Made in USA 'Tex ovens. I understand Cookshack doesn't make them for 'Tex any longer and the 'Tex now comes from off-shore. Had I known I would have spent the same money directly with CS on a Smokette.

Did a 12# Briskett the other day. Had to fold the thinner part under to make it fit and yes it did flatten out all by itself like Smokin' said it would.Went for 14 hours. It came out Great!!

Marinaded one night with Aarons marinade from the forum winners and another night in JJ's rub.Even some nice bark. (Curious kids kept checking on it the last hour or so. perhaps that's the trick;let out some of that moisture)

Anywho' thanks for the great site.
Hi all,

I am in NJ. We all have our faults, sorry.

I enjoy the forum very much. Lot's of good info and I am not above copying this info if it produces good food.

Have a real love for good food and JD sour mash.

Have resided in WV,Md,TX,and now NJ. Always interested in ribs, but real like for "Q", came in my time in TX.

Have used CS recipe for Smoked Jalapeno Jelly, Three times this summer to raves from F and F.

Don't post much but "lurk" a lot. Check the forum most every day, so keep the info flowing, maybe some day I will reciprocate.

TC Smiler Smiler
Tom Crawford,

I did not mean to besmirch New Jersey, just the ribs at the place my daughter took me to that had the awful example of ribs that I described. I have had lots of great meals in New jersey, but no good QUE up there yet.

Good to see you are lurking out there, and hope you will jump in more often. I'll bet you make ribs that would teach your neighbors what to look for when they go for proper BBQ?
Hey ya'll. James here (aka as wing king) from N.E. Georgia. Has anybody seen a chicken without wings? Thats because I got all of them on my smoker. I LOVE my smoker! I am an Industrial Maintenance Manager by trade, and can appreciate the quality of cookshack equipment. You may remember the contest a few months back, showing how you display your smoker. Mine was the one on a cart, that I made.
Howdy, all!

Joe here, currently living in the state most famous for smoking - Utah.

That was a joke, BTW... Har, har. That one gets me every time...

Anyway, I'm a Cookshack Model 50 owner who spends his days as a computer system administrator, and some evenings working on an online radio station dedicated to the Blues.

Prior to the CS50, I did all my smoking on a Weber Genesis Silver C using woodchips and BBQr's Delight pellets in a stainless steel and a cast iron smoker box. Next goal will probably be a Klose Pit (Family Reunion?) or Big Jim's Lazy-Q.

In my family, and even in my neighborhood, folks call me "Chef Joe", among other things, even though I remind them each time that I'm NOT a chef - Sorry, TC. Really not trying to claim the title! Smiler - but that I just enjoy cooking. This weekend's experiment was a sweet corn souffle. Turned out pretty good, but next time I'll have to smoke it!

As I said, I'm in Utah and we all know what's coming up in February, right? Yep, the world will be converging on the Salt Lake area to gather together, flip the terrorists the big ol' bald eagle, and participate in the greatest winter games yet. So, if you happen to be some of those people gathering here, and start jonesin' for some smoke, you just be sure and let me know!

Hi everybody,

I'm Chris from Cleveland, Ohio. You might not know it, but Clevelanders are absolutely fanatical about barbequed ribs. The summer months around here are packed with rib cookoffs, some of which draw contestants from all over the world. Because of this, I like to think I've been exposed to some of the best barbequed ribs on the planet. But you know what (I knew there was point here somewhere)? Since I've had my Smokette, I can honestly say that the bones coming out of that little box are as good, if not better, than any others I've ever tried.

I'm glad I've discovered this new hobby 'cause my golf game sure sucks!

Bravo to you CS people for such a fine product, and to everyone in this forum for all the wonderful advice and good cheer!

Chris Bindel name is ChunkWood.......and Im a lurker!

My wife and I hail from the pork state of Iowa. We have the best pork, but we struggle with BBQ.
Bought The model 50 at the Kansas City BBQ cook off Oct 6. Wanted to get some experience before I post. I have done ribs,brisket,fish,Boston Butt roast(The Best!!) and tonight chickens. Everything has turned out very good to excellent. My first question would be "Why is there so much variance in times?" I know and agree with its done when its done, however, surely we can get closer than the times in the cookshack book. I have had to at least double those times. We consider ourselves experienced cookers, so we know when it is done, but this makes meal timing frustrating. Love the product and this site...THANKS

More to come

It has been commented upon that many of the times in the CS cookbook were worked out in commercial applications and that it is a work in progress for our applications.

You are correct in timing.

Smokin' would suggest that you read his 101 threads,keep good records,and get your internal probe working correctly. Wink

Time is widely variable under the best of circumstances. Smiler
Hi my name is Preston and I am a certified
Florida native. My family has been in Florida since the mid 1800's. I live near Daytona Beach with my beautiful bride Donna of 13 years and have an engineering background(worked at Kennedy Space Center for 16 years) but now work for a large software company.

I don't own a Cookshack Smoker yet (yet is THE word) but do have an electric smoker. I feel this is the best forum for BBQ on the web.

Hi to everybody!
Hi guys, Layne here. I have been real busy at work lately(I know,shame on me). I have been burning meat for a long time. Last year I bought a model 50 and love it. I cook at least 1-2 times a week.I also have a large barrel grill, and an off set.I uaually do pork butts and ribs(brisket is still a challenge).But more than anything I use it to make jerky, and am learning about sausage. My second love is my 8 galon round bottom black iron pot(jambalaya,gumbo,ect.).
I use to be on here a lot, in fact I was one of the first to post on the new forum, and when things calm down here a little I will be back. Layne
Hey, all you fellow Q'ers! We live to smoke!Everything from soup to nuts. Tomatoes, onions, and peppers for the soup and pecans from my brother-in-laws pecan orchard. We smoked some good old Oklahoma walleye yesterday and are doing ribs and chickens (yes, the controversial citrus chicken with cilantro) tomorrow. At least in SW Oklahoma you can have the smoker going almost all year long, you don't have to break for snow. We've even thrown whole peaches on the smoker with fresh herbs and eaten them with whipped cream for our dessert. Love this site and check it frequently since I am always getting fresh ideas. Good job with the boards, Smokie! And thanks......

-Remember, life began in a garden.-
Hi Folks I'm a 47 y/o Army brat that ended up in Oklahoma. When I was 7 yrs old we moved from Garmisch,Germany (near Munich) to Ft Sill,Oklahoma. They told me Mt Scott was a mountain and a blackjack was a tree. I've had problems ever since. Well I lusted for a year but bought a model 50 at the state fair this fall.Enjoying playing with it and bragging about it. Smiler
Great to see some of the old (Hi Layne) and lots of the new.

Hope you all will jump in and show us some of your favorites (looks like the Cajuns are fans of the CS -- Hey Stuart, need to go to a State Fair there and sell).

Feel free to start a new discussion and we'll figure this stuff out somehow.

Welcome all!
Howdy. I am new to this, so I am not too sure of myself. My hobbies are smoking, Sooner football and reading Sooners Illustrated. I have only been viewing the info in this forum for two days now, but I can tell I will get some very good info.

Thanks to all of you with the experience to make me a better cook.
Hi guys and gals. My real name is DickI'm retired and live with my big black Lab (thus the. nom de plume)in Bakersfield,Ca. (Lots transplanted okies and Texans here so Que is a way of life in this town! Have had mt smokette for a couple of months and everything I've tried has come out fantastically! butt,brisket,ribs and even trout. Going to try to smoke some salmon next week. This forum is terrific! It has helped me tremendously! Keep it up everybody!!
Originally posted by GottaQ:
[qb]Hi from Rochester NY. Recovering from second degree burns on face and arms, singed hair and lost eyebrows. All in the name of Q.Have been smoking on a Weber gas grill. Soaked chips in a cast iron pan set on burner grates below ribs. Worked well but couldn't get "low and slow". At lowest temp (200), chips didn't smoke. Solution: 5 gal metal bucket with lid, cut a door in the side with hinge,a hole in the top for flexible 4" duct. Small camp stove sat inside to heat the iron pan with chips. All this was ducted to a hole cut in the side of Weber. On paper it looked good. Weber supplies low heat and the bucket provides the smoke. The damned thing nearly blew up. The stove over heated and turned into a blow torch. Tried to open the door to shut off stove and well.. see first sentence. Next day tore it apart and replaced stove with a burner fed by propane tank OUTSIDE of the bucket. Worked great, low and slow with lost of smoke. Wonderful ribs, and a Butt.But, it needed a LOT of tending.

Final solution:bought a Smokintex, which in my novice brain I thought WAS a Cookshack. Well I must have lucked out and got one of the last Made in USA 'Tex ovens. I understand Cookshack doesn't make them for 'Tex any longer and the 'Tex now comes from off-shore. Had I known I would have spent the same money directly with CS on a Smokette.[/qb]

Hi, GottaQ,

Okay, we'll let you slide by this time.

Big Grin
Thanks for introducing yourself, and thanks to the many people who have unlurked and introduced themselves in this thread. We are glad to have each and every one of you.

Happy New Year!

Donna Johnson
Cookshack, Inc.
Drbodkin here,

I love my Sooner football and smoked food from my CS smokette. I have tried everything lately and it has all been good. The only problem I have encountered is with a turkey too large to fit into the smokette, so I rolled it up in the local newspaper to smoke. I couldn't keep it lit.

I am a pretend doctor, having gotten credentials as a doctor of metaphysics through the mail as a joke.

I love this forum and all that can be learned. I figure that I have saved hundreds of dollars just by learning from the experiences of others. Thanks to all, and Happy New Year.

I tried to send a message several minutes ago, and I have no idea where it went. I'll try again. It is hell being lousy with computers.

I love my Sooners and my smokette. I'll smoke most anything, although I had a problem with a turkey too large to fit into my smokette. I rolled it in our local newspaper, but I couldn't keep it lit.

I am a pretend doctor, having gotten a doctor of metaphysics diploma as a joke through the mail. I also have learned more about smoking on this forum. It has saved hundreds of dollars in wasted effort and food. Thanks to all.
Hi Everyone..

As you can tell, I'm Don from NJ. Glad to see I�m not the only Jerseyite around here, maybe if we stick together we won't get picked on as much Wink I've lived in NJ all my life, but did a lot of traveling, 46 states in 4 years due to my old job. So that�s how I got hooked on the Q. I also do all the cooking around here as the Bride to Be can burn water.. I've mastered my Weber gas grill and was looking at a new challenge, smokin! I was hunting around a few web sites one day and came across this forum. And as I stated before, the forum and support is what sold me on the product. I received my Smokette about two weeks ago, and have had great success in it so far. I've mad Chicken breasts, a whole 7lb chicken, a 7 lb pork butt and I'm working on some Andouille Sausage as we speak... I can tell you, this product is so easy and it turns out some excellent Q. Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my quest...
Greetings all!!! Smallville America is where I smoke and would love to have some moose down this way (hint hint) Stay very busy at the airport (DUC) but when not there I enjoy spending time with my family and my smoker which is a woodfired offset. I wouldnt mind trying a CS but why fix what isnt broke. Really do enjoy the people here and love everyones new ideas!! Big Grin
Hi, I'm Jack...everybody calls me Popajack now since my son is also named Jack. I was a lawyer in a former life. Now I try to enjoy life. I love to cook and I love meat. I have probably bought every kind of cooker that was ever made...but until I found the Smokette, I was still looking for that special tool that would turn me into a Q man. I have found it and I love it. My wife thinks I'm crazy...she may not be the only one if the truth be known. I enjoy the forum alot. It is a wealth of knowledge that is there for the asking. I hope to become a really good Q r, I'm not a bad cook around a stove and a grill for that matter, or so I've been told. I can't wait for the weather to get a little better then I will be doing all my cooking outside.
CChusker checking in from a rock in the middle of the pacific. CChusker is short for Coconut Husker, name of my boat. (No, I'm not a cornhusker fan but I am a Rainbow Warrior fan. Not a hard choice when there's only one college football team in the state to choose from!) Love fishing, a good brew, and now smoking in my shack. I've figured out how to do the first two at the same time but can't figure out how to include the last. Just can't seem to find a place for that 55 in my boat. Confused

Got my 55 in March. Was a tough decision. Hmm, new fishing reel or a 55? Well, obviously I opted for the 55. Glad to report it was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. Now if only the fish would be more cooperative so I don't have to keep going to costco for my meats.

While I'm here, wanted to shoot a word of thanks out to all you seasoned vets for all the helpful advise. I've been able to avoid any disasters so far through your wisdom.

Now, back to more important matters; how to fit that darn 55 in my boat. Maybe if I cut out part of my cabin and move my fish box.... Big Grin
"Rainbow Warrior"? Is that the same Greenpeace boat I tried to sink in the Valdez harbor and went to jail for 10 days?

Obviously, you have 110 while underway. This indicates a Constavolt. How big's the rig, Husker? Why can't you just wheel her in and out? You did get a cover, did you not? Razzer Cool
Your knowledge in food matters has impressed me. And now, knowledge in boats as well? Is there anything in which you are not well versed in? I nominate that you be moved up from princess to dowager empress of knowledge on this forum. Wink

Rig is all of a huge 20'. Couple of big yellow fins or one of those pointy nose critters on board and there ain't much room for much else; time to head for the docks. I'd never dream of taking my 55 to sea anyway. If the boat ever went down, It'd look pretty silly me treading water and all while my 55 had my life vest wrapped around her! Big Grin
Boy, I hadn't checked in for a while and almost missed the roll call! Whew! That was close. You might have guessed that I'm Steve, from fancy smokin' title here. When I'm smokin' in New Hampshire, the neighbors just think I accidently spilled something in the wood stove. I was once voted most likely to watch Andi strip, if anyone knows what that means. Got my smokette about a year ago and have done brisket, pork butts, ribs, chicken, and turkey breasts a bunch of times. Haven't tried smoking fish or my jalapeno peppers in it yet. I struggled in the beginning but have got the hang of it now. My teenage boys (15 and 17) gobble it down, and I started my 17 month old son on pork butt before he turned 1!
Been lurking for a while, time to come of hiding. Based on all I found here, I did end up getting an electric smoker recently (Not Cookshack though... I know, I know, don't hit me! lol! Eeker )), but am very happy with the unit I purchased (looks just like smokette, is that a tip off? ). Have done a couple of butts and ribs in it, along with the American Turkey Roll receipe in the database (damn, that was good!). I'm sure the Smokette is a great product, I'm just glad you guys have a forum like this for me to participate in. I hope I am welcome.

My wife and I will be in Memphis for the cookoff Wed - Sun, so maybe I'll see Smokin'and some of you others there!

Somewhere in Southern Ohio
Hey Guys,

In case you have not figured it out, my name is Danny. I have a Smokette and have had one since Christmas 2000. I cook alot of butts and briskets. I live down in the BIG city of Baton Rouge, and love to cook. If there are any Cookshackers that would like to communicate in the area, please e-mail me.

By the way I am a huge LSU fan!!!! I bleed purple and gold, and so does the meat that I cook.

Grew up on the farm in Iowa. Spent 5 or 6 yrs. in Casa Grande Az. Then moved back to Iowa.
Have been at American Color Graphics for almost 18 yrs. now. Also work part-time at Black and Decker located in Tanger Mall--exit 220 on I-80.
Grew up hunting and fishing and have competed in a few walleye tourneys over the last few yrs. Finally won one last yr on the Miss.river.
Bought a model 50 over the phone and then discovered the forum. Made the right choice. Couldn't imagine a better smoker out there.
Never smelled fresh moose guts, but lots of deer guts!!!!!! Iowa is big buck country. Cool Big Grin
From Arizona where Mesquite and Hickory grow wild.
Still trying to come up with the perfect rub--for que that is.
I have tried Smokin' Okie's Mustard Sauce, if you haven't you should; same goes for the cole-slaw-topped sandwiches, which, by the way, is very with beef brisket as well as pulled pork.
Hope to find the perfect rub recipe soon. I'll certainly pass it along.
Got my smoker a couple of months ago. It was hard talking the wife into a $400.00 smoker but after we made the decision we both can't wait for our next smoke. Rarely does anything exceed your expectations. I'm getting quite a bit of smoke leak all the way around the door but need to get back with Tony on that.

My wife and I both ride Harleys (average 12,000 miles a year) and are young grandparents. We have two miniature schnuauzers that ride the bikes with us. They are the "kids".

We like to travel, fish and love to hang out with each other. We're simple people in love with life and each other. We live in Heaven,,,,,,I mean Iowa as you can see by the name.

A kind hello to all. I have been using a WSM for 7 years, and have been extremely happy with the results. Ribs, roasts, chicken have all turned out great. I have heard really great things about the Cookshack product, no fuss, great quality and tremendous results. I would like a break from the fire tending chores on the WSM, and am looking with a critical eye to a Smokette, although I believe it will only do half the quantity of what the WSM will. I will continue to lurk, and glean great knowledge from the gods/goddesses of Q on this list. Smiler
Hello, Larry here from Missouri. I have been retired from Ford Motor Co and teaching for awhile and my wife, a middle school teacher and librarian retires this June. Since we received the CS about a month ago, we have smoked several types of meat with great success. A great tip from a forum entry was to wrap the meat in cheesecloth soaked in whatever glazing or marinade you use. It keeps the stuff from sliding off the meat as it cooks. It worked great with our ham. We really like the CS. The food is so good and really easy -however, our problem has been that we end up doing too much for 2 people. The CS and the crockpot have made our life easier with more time to ride our Harleys.. We plan to travel, spending lengths of time in Canada, California and anywhere else we find interesting esp. if we get the motorhome we would like to have. The CS will definitely travel with us. I hope we don't get cited for needing a catalytic converter due to the smoke.
I'm Killer George of the Pork Belly Bandits cooking team. My bride Donna and I own two cookshacks, a model 150 and a smokette. Our first cookshack was the model 150, that we purchased for commercial use. Donna purchased the smokette because it was just the right size for smoking peppers and garlic. Too bad the smokette doesn't have a computer controller like the 150. Gadgets are fun.

Cheers, beers, and burnt ends to ya's,
Killer George
The Bishop of BBQ
Advocate of the good life
My name is Pete and I'm a carnivore. More of an omnivore, really. I live in SoCal, and when not inflicting Barbecue experiments on friends, I edit reality TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries.

I'm a member of PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) and a founding member of the Thundering Dummies Motorcycle Club - Ride to Eat...(What good is a motorcycle if it can't take you someplace to eat?)

The license plate on my truck reads FOODLUM...I'm hungry and I'm in a bad mood, so just get out of the way...

Owned a Cajun Chef water smoker for years. Just got my Smokette and I couldn't be more pleased with the Q it turns out. The Official Works Tomato and Supreme Pit Tootsie (The Wife, sometimes known as the Ultimate Motorcycle Accessory), has given it her "I Don't Like Smoked Foods, But This is Good" Seal of Approval. What more can a man ask for? (well, this is a family forum...)

By the way, this forum, you nice people and the great advice and recipes was the reason I chose to spend my money on Cookshack...but you knew that...
Howdy all, from near Washington DC! My wife and I are from Oklahoma City, and certainly experienced some culture shock when we moved to northern Virginia a couple of years ago. Briskets are hard to find and ribs are expensive. I started off on an ECB many years ago, and now use a WSM and Cookshack Model 50, almost exclusively. I also have a Klose offset that I use occasionally. I am amazed at the number of people I run into around here that don't even know what BBQ is.

Converting the ignorant masses,

"Reverend" George
JBJAX here. JAX is the airport and postal code for Jacksonville, FL, where the Q is great. Many of you will see that when you travel here for the NBBQA convention next February.

My tools include my Smokette, a couple of Webers & a TEC ceramic grill to add a fast crust. The neighbors now come running whenever they smell that smoke – very Pavlovian. They’re begging again for awesome smoked prime rib, so I'll do a couple of roasts this evening.

I travel nearly every week, and am still on the quest for the ultimate Q in every city I visit. I’m also a wino, and would love to hear when you discover an interesting wine to drink with BBQ. The best additions to my Q recipe library come from right here in the CS Forum. Thanks to Smokin’ Okie & Donna who make it happen, and to all who contribute!
hi everyone, guess I better log in. I'm Harold "Big Daddy" Groetsema from Fairbanks, Alaska. Had a couple of BBQ joints here in town, but is hard to hold down a full time job and run a full service restaurant at the same time. So I had to keep the sure thing and let go of the restaurant. My passion is still BBQ, and have a concession stand with a CS150. I do as many fairs and catering as I can, and go to a couple of competitions in the lower 48. Love the forum, I get alot of info from here. Thanks everyone.
Just for your info it is going to be in the 80's today, above 0 Smiler
Papa Shaka here,just found this post,thought I should check in. Retired Cop,and you know the old saying "want good food,look for the Cop cars in the parkinglot at a restaurant,the more the better".I love good food and over the years of traveling around this here USofA at the county expence bring back bad guy for trial,I have eaten some great and some bad Q. So when I retired I opened with the help of my youngest daughter a BBQ in a food court with nothing but CS units,two 250's and backed up with a 150. Great results everytime we load one.
Coming to or through Little Rock,stop and see us at SHAKA SMOKE LODGE,at the RIVER MARKET. Smiler Wink Big Grin
Hello everyone,
I'm Kevin aka cookin-n-ark, and I just wanted to introduce myself.
I am the proud owner of a Cookshack Smokette, Husband, Father or 3 year old girl (with another due in March), Gulf War Vet (medic-US Army 7yrs)
.....and I love to BBQ.
I find it very relaxing to prepare everything and then load it in the smokette and forget about it.....until its time to eat!!!!!!!!
Glad to be a member of the forum and cant wait till I hear from all of you again. Take care and God bless.

Hi, I have been a smokette owner for about 17 months and a lurker for about that long also. Now that I have assurances from Smokin Okie that he won't bite I decided to post. I am a single 27 yr old in Las Vegas (woohoo!!! but the meat is horrendous, thank god for Sam's and Costco). I grew up in Kansas City so I was practically raised on BBQ; Gates, Haywards, Sneeds, Bryants, Boardroom, LC's, Quicks 42nd St, etc. When I moved out here in 1998 it was quite a culture shock to say the least, and not just BBQ wise, but that's another story.
I got my smokette a a few months after I bought my house, two years after I moved to Vegas, and I will admit the first couple months I was pretty terrible at smoking (except pork butt, thats a cinch)but after learning the value of a Polder and the wealth of great techniques from all of the people on this board I have become very proud of my work. It just keeps getting better and better.
Anyway, I apologize for not posting sooner but I honestly did not get really into this hobby until six or seven months ago even though I have owned the smoker much longer. By the way, my name is Jed. The floydcash was a long time ago and it basically is for Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash, two of my favorites. Once again thanks to everyone and its good to finally jump into the mix.
Good to see you new guys posting! Especially some of you "older" lurkers. We can tell how long you've been around by your forum #.

This forum is all the better when the new guys & gals join in.

I'd like MORE lurkers to jump in. I don't bite Often, just when you makes some really weird post or TOM posts in the wrong places with his great recipes....Tom just wants to keep me busy.

Come on in, lurkers and tell us who you are.

Hi , I just got a smokette. Over the years I have owned a Little Chief and a Brinkmann electric smoker. I have only smoked fish, but I am going to try some jerky in my smokette. When I lived on the East Coast (I am originally from NYC), I smoked bluefish and weakfish (aka seatrout). Now I have gotten into smoking salmon. After a fishing trip to the Gulf last year I brought back some spanish mackeral and smoked it - that was great! My first attempt at smoking in the smokette produced salmon that was fair, but needed a bit more cooking for my tastes. I guess I have to get used to the smokette.

I'm Jake, work for Union Pacific Railroad in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had the pleasure of working with many out of counrty visitors during the 2002 Winter Olympics and was able to feed some of them on good old "Q" and Dutch oven food that we are famous for out in these parts. Active in family, church, Qing, Dutch ovening and ham radio in that order.
Hi, I'm Paul, now from Southern California.

I got to be real partial to bbq when my wife and I lived in Houston and traveled to Austin and the nearby Hill Country. Up until October, I was just a specialist -- I only ate. I never smoked and hadn't grilled in decades. When my sister-in-law's boyfried said he was getting a smoker, I figured it was time for me too. And for me, Cookshack seemed ideal. The Los Angeles Times food critic's very positive review about his experiences with his Smokette led me to the Cookshack website.

I've had my Smokette about a month, and I'm happy with the results of my efforts. (pork butts, brisket). This website is so very important. I appreciate all the hints, help, recipes, humor, and efforts of people who post here. My thanks to you all. (My friends who are eating all the food I'm smokin' thank you too!)
I bought myself a Smokette a couple of years ago. I liked it so well that I bought my Dad one too. We both go in cycles, use like crazy then take a break for a while. Love the forum and all of the good advice. We're
both in central Illinos, pops is semi retired and I am an operations manager for a large company. Gettin ready to make some Canadian bacon and two turkey breasts this week.

See you soon,


I just skimmed through this thread, and it has been over a year since I posted in the Roll Call.

And guess what? I,m off to New Jersey again in the morning for Thanksgiving. Just in time for a snow-storm up there. Leaving Tampa when the weather is as nice as one could want.

Hello to all the newbies- I know you will enjoy your Cookshacks and the forum as much as I do.

Have a nice Thanksgiving you all. I'll be lurking on my daughter's computer in the Northeast and trying to keep warm. Roll Eyes
Hi there, as you may tell from the moniker, I live in Idaho, the northern panhandle, squinched between Spokane, Washington and Missoula, Montana. Just got my first smoker from the wife for Christmas, a Smokette, and have already smoked three batches of jerky, two salmon, and am prepping for 10 pounds of baby back ribs tomorrow for dinner.

I am an Aries, into cultural sensitivity, rainbows, Ms. Cleo, Bob Ross and puppy dogs...NAH Just kidding, I am stoked (pun intended) about smokin. My gig is technology sales management, I have been in the tech game for 15 years and hope someone acquires my company so I can retire on the stock options.

This board has been extremely helpful with regard to recipes tips and guys just flat out rock.

Thanks much, I look forward to a fleet of Cookshack smokers somewhere down the road.
Dr. Mac here. Don't know if anybody will read this since I didn't see the post until there were already three pages of posts. I'm a lurker on the forum & I'm somewhat of a newbie to using a cookshack smokette. I've smoked & barbequed food for several years, but only recently invested in a smokette. I've done canadian bacon, four racks of ribs, a couple chickens, & some deer jerky in my smokette. I've had it for less than a year. I've always used an old refrigerator with a hot plate as a smoker before I got the smokette. Still use my refrigerator smoker for large batches, but the thermostat on the smokette sure is handy!!
Jim here, got my cookshack today at my local Carbelas. It's out on the porch seasoning now. have some sam's ribs rubed and in the frig. Been lookin at buying a good smoker for a while. Have a big chief I have used the last couple of years but It's not designed to be used the way I was trying to use it. (rapped in a insulating blanket to get the temp up.) Wife got deployed the the gulf with her Nat. Guard unit so I had some extra cash. Can wait till I can try it tommorrow. Smiler
Howdy all,

Got a WSM two weeks before Christmas and have really been enjoying it. Found your group as a result of the TVWB group...and joined your's also. Two heads are better than one! Am enjoying and learning from both groups and I must say have never seen a two finer groups of people that are willing to pass on their knowledge to us young pups just starting out.
How's everyone? Pete here. Found this site last spring and it has helped me greatly !!!!! I live in Victor N.Y. ( near Rochester). Love Q'in, my parents are from Germany where they smoke EVERY meat and fish possible, I love it. Married with 5 kids, 22,21,19,19,17. They all love going to our local BBQ joint in Rochester the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, good food and drink with a great variety of both. Also has jazz bands (and plenty of Harleys outside in the summer). Thanks to Smokin and everyone for all the help.Hey if anyone out there hasn't tried smokin a whole bologna give it a shot, it's the bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pete Smiler Wink Razzer
Michael Macdoanld from Calgary Alberta Canada. We smoke summer and winter. Married to the Lovely Donna with 2 kids and I love my Cookshack , Andi and Cookshack�s Donna!!!!
I bought my Cookshack because of the quality of the information in this forum and have not regretted it for one second.
Presently have a stainless 50 series and hope to move up to a bigger one soon.
Hi All,
I just bought a Smokette in early December (couldn't wait till Christmas!). I've done a few things in it: Chicken, Ribs (2x), Jerky and some Salmon. Yup, farm raised Andi, but only with the finest dog food money can buy... hehehe Big Grin

Anyway, I'm a avid hunter and fisherman and I am looking forward to smoking some venison sausage this week! I also ordered that Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon kit -Can't wait till that comes in!

I've learned alot on this forum. Thanks everybody!!!
Hi to all the CS nation!!! My name is Micah. I was born in Asheville, North Carolina, but I have lived all my life in Australia due to the fact that my parents are Baptist missionaries. I had done a few smoked steaks on a hooded gas grill, but most of my BBQ experience has been with straight grilling until I got my Smokette 2 about 3 weeks ago. It sure made Christmas dinner a time to remember!!! I was originally just searching the net for beef jerky recipes and then came across the CS website and started looking the the different smokers and I finally decided to get one, and I am so glad I did.

Cookshack rules!!!!

Micah from Oz
Hi all,

I've been lurking here for about 6 months while contemplating buying a cookshack. Finally bit the bullet and bought a smokette. It arrived last week and I was impressed with the quality - built like a tank! I seasoned it last weekend and bought 3 slabs (3.25 pounders) of spares on sale at Safeway for $1.29/lb. Asked the butcher there if he could trim them St. Louis style. He didn't know what that was. Kind of like a mechanic not knowing how to change an alternator? Anyway, the full size ribs, cut in half, are now marinating in the fridge with 1/2 cookshack spicy chicken run and 1/2 rib rub. I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I've learned alot while lurking here so now I hope to put the knowledge to good use! Thanks for the great forum!

I'm Jack Rogers. I promote and run barbecue competitions. I am also Jim Minion's cooking partner and as Jim says we have been lucky enough to have have done pretty well the last few years. We have cooked at the Royal, Jack, and I even met Smokin Okie when we were cooking at Memphis-in-May 2002. I have been cooking for many years and have cooked on almost everything.
I'll take that challenge, Smokin'Okie!!

Hi, everyone, my name is Rich, and I am addicted to bbq (just ask my wife!) I live in California with my wife and two girls (3.5 yrs and 20 months.) I have been grilling outdoors for about 20 years (and I'm only 34), and working on my low 'n' slow technique for the last four or so (with most of my "practice" coming in the last year.)

My current cooking arsenal includes a weber kettle which I have modified, and a Klose offset. I will be getting a ceramic cooker in April which will take on all of my grilling duties as well as cooking low 'n' slow (the Weber needs some work!) Here's my modified Weber:

If I can figure out a way to sneak one into the backyard and keep it concealed, I'm very impressed by all the things I hear about the Cookshack units. Until then, I look forward to sharing tips, techniques and recipes with all of you.

Happy Q'in to you from California!

Rich G
My name is Jamie Crane and though I live in SE GA, I am a Missouri native. I own two webers a kettle and a gas. I am looking at getting a smoker soon, but not soon enough. When I am not at sea I have been known to lurk in the shadows here grabbing recipes and getting fatter! I also spend time at stangnet and avsforum. I am also a founding member of the family BBQ team 3 Hog Night. We are a local team from Canton Mo and spend as much time drinking beer as we do prepping for a contest. We have a couple trophies, but what really counts are the memories I have spending time with my Dad and brother doing what we all love: drinking beer and cooking!
Hi I am Vernon Miears, grew up in southwest Texas where mesquite is the order of the day. We live here in Austin where the family likes the urban setting, and we can just be a face in the crowd. I work for The Texas Department of Public Safety, and run a satellite earth station for them with about 1300 remote sites, some on R.V.s. I used to like to hunt till it got too expensive, fishing is ok when there is time, guns are fun, radioes and computers get most of the spare time when I am not cooking. I like to cook so much, I was warned at work for cooking steak on the clock, funny thing the boss was there and liked the meal though??? Eeker I also have a webber kettle and a double barrel offset that I built myself out of hi pressure pipe. I like my smokette only had it about two weeks. I learned about cookshack on the website. I'm sure I'll find a use for the offset, maybe a boat anchor or lawn orniment, or one of those rare moments when I want to do something exotic...I like the forum a lot of good info here.. Smiler Smiler
hello everyone,

my name is Ron and I'm from amarillo,texas have had a smokette for about 8 months best thing I ever bought!!! I am a Railroad Engineer for BNSF Railroad so I don't get to the forum to much, but get here when I can. Well gotta go check my ribs found them on sale today at united 89 cents a pound so I stocked up!!!! Smiler
Hello all,
I'm Earl from Seattle WA. Just received my Smokette Monday. Have done a couple batches of ribs, a brisket, and two pork butts are in there now. I'm very pleased with the results so far! My times are running quite a bit longer than others report on this group but it seems to be working OK. Reaches 206 when set at 200 and 257 when set on 225. Is that in the "normal" range? I know it's done when it's done!! Smiler
Thanks to everytbody for their help and ideas. I'm Chuck, from just west of Philly. Love my "Q"... and most types of cooking, with a stomach to prove it. Recently I have been investigating the possiblility of doing "Q" in a concession setting.

I don't have a CS. Had one on order and changed my mind as I wanted a bigger one. Not gonna' be easy in my township and surrounding area.

Love this forum!
Hey Guys
Many of you have probably seen me post on the BBQFORUM and I've been a lurker here and on the Egger forum a bit. I'm a critical care respiratory therapist at Childrens Hospital Mpls. MN and live in Hastings, MN. I like hunting & fishing, bbq & blues, beer & brandy. I don't have a cookshack or an egg but I built about the best damn smoker i've ever had out of a commercial warming oven and it's a gas assisted woodburner and love the hell out of it. Hope everyone stays in the smoke and has a great summer full of bbq
Good Q'n
Hi ya,
Donald Maclaren here. Software engineer and 1st time owner of a smokette 008 for a week now. Aactually, I had some paint chip the first use and called CS. They are sending me a new 009 sinec they want to make sire all is ok.

Anyway, I have been smoking all day every day. I will turn into a smoker is I'm not careful.

What a great company. Waht a relief to do business with a business that really cares about i's customers. A++ to you CS
Hello everybody! As you can see below, we live in Washington State, approximately 20 minutes from the Ocean. We have great salmon fishing locally!

"We" consists of my beautiful bride & two sons. We have no cookshack in the arsenal yet, but we do use a home brew off-set metal smoker.

I am a BBQ cooking newbie, having been a die hard fan of Q since Mr. Beal (sp?) ran the "Wild Boar" in Seattle. We sure miss the place!! (Hey ej--you ever get to frequent the place before it closed?!)

I really enjoy the "way too spicy" side of food but computers, and cooking are my main interests. Of course, a good baseball game or a day of fishing are hard to beat! Also, as you can see, I take after Smokin'--I like to write.... (Sorry Smokin, but it takes the heat off of my long posts!! Wink )
Been on this forum 1 year next month and can't begin to tell you how much I've learned about Q in that time.

I'm proud to say that because of all the helpful folks here, I have never had a bad piece of meat come off my smoker.

For the newcomers, just wanna say welcome, and you won't be sorry you joined this "family"

As we speak I'm tending a pork shoulder and boneless butt to celebrate the 4th of July. Can't think of a better way to spend the holiday...Q, slaw, beans & beer. What a day!!


Lynnae here to say my CS has made me one happy camper and thanks to y'all I'm probably going to get fat now that I am eating all this good Q. Wink

Anyway I wanted to be counted on the roll call and say how happy I am to see all the support you give, even to those without a CS currently. I guess it's all in the name of good Q!

I am a chef and have been cooking in restaurants and catering for 20 years and the one thing that keeps me going in this insane industry is that there is always something to learn and this forum is one real good example.

I hope everyone had a good 4th. I fired up some racks of spare ribs and they came out GOOD! I thought I'd try putting a piece of charcoal in with the chunks and the results, I thought were great although I had nothing to comapare with.

Good eat's a frosty beverage or 2 and some good friends made this a great 4th.

All the best to everyone

lynnae Smiler Wink Smiler
hi everybody! my nameis michael. i have been queing professionally for 7 months now. from "never done it" to "for a living" in a whirlwind of one month. my wife and i saw this place for sale, and jumped on the chance. since then, i have learned soooo much! mostly from reading this forum. now, i am proud to say people all over the low country come for miles just to eat our q. couldnt have done it without all of you! dont have a cs, but will get one if i ever change locations. our restaurant was built around this huge smoker! i use a combo of apple and mesquite. mmmmmm. also created a spicy mustard sauce that i will share later... thanks for al the help! check us out on line at
"loving the Q life"
Kevin Taraszewski, Boardman, Ohio. My cookshack (model 50) arrived the Thursday before Easter Sunday. I have used it EVERY weekend since for at least one meal. I have a Klose offset on order. I like variety and the opportunity to learn as much as I can about my passions in life, of which BBQ is one. Have made several posts since purchase mainly helping newer people since I am just ever so slightly out of that stage so my concerns,issues, and successes are still fresh in my mind.
Kevin Cool
Hi, most of you know me: I am Donna Johnson and I am a co-owner of Cookshack along with my brother Mark and Stuart (who is not my brother but he is a joy to work with).

I am going to go all mushy here. My Mom and Dad started Cookshack in the 60's. It literally started from nothing, in their backyard. Mark and I joined the business in 1980 or '81, I can't remember. My Dad was one of those entrepreneurs who could not delegate a thing and they were killing themselves. Mark and I took a huge load from them, and we saw sales increase rapidly. My parents died in a boating accident in 1985. Stuart joined us in 1990 (?) or thereabouts. Here is the mushy part: my Dad would have absolutely loved this Forum. He had a vision of making a smoking machine that everyone could use to make great barbecue with no mystery. From what you all are saying, he did it. We at Cookshack do truly think of you as part of a great big bbq family.

Now I am dripping tears and have to stop. Sorry for all this, I know some of you are thinking Too Much Information!


PS The spice blends and Spicy Sauce are my mother's recipes. My dad invented the smokers, but Mom gets credit, too!
Let's see those OTHER companies match that.

Thanks for the story Donna.

Hey, question, does CS have any photos from the early days? A suggestion is to add some of this info in your monthly newletter and add to the site. Great story. Now go get a tissue Wink

But I was gonna give you a hard time about taking so long to post then I said to myself "HEY" dummy, it's your turn. Actually I hadn't posted because I wanted to hear your stories, not mine Wink

Hi There, I'm Smokin Okie, but you knew that Big Grin

Been barbecuing/smokin/grillin ever since I first fired up the weber in the family's back yard in the 60's. Eventually got an ECB (El Cheapo Brinkman) and work on perfecting simple Q. There wasn't anyone around to ask, everyone kept their secrets and there weren't any Low and Slow books. Along the way, traveled the world (over 100 countries) learned about food and how everyone else does it, taught a little about Q'in and then this internet thing comes along. Worked with a few teams in contests, became a Certified Judge (with Mrs. Smokin') and the story grows every year.

It's my absolute pleasure to share any knowledge I have about Q. When my wife bought my first Cookshack at the Okie State Fair, I hadn't heard of CS. But my wife wanted to see more of me instead of seeing me go out the door to stoke the fire on the offset.

After a while, I bugged Donna on the original forum (it's fun to read some of that old stuff now and then, but I REALLY prefer the new forum):

Original CS Forum

I truly love the people at CS, they're great to work with and work real hard and they have more surprises in store for everyone and we ALL make this the best Q'in Forum on the internet.

Give ya'll a virtual hug and pat on the back from me.
Hope ya'll don't mind a stray bullet head posting on your forum. Big Grin I've been lurking here for quite some time and you have a real neat little smoker. I would definitely consider adding it to my arsinal in the future.
Well I've been grilling for many years but just in the last year have become familiar with the wonderfull world of low and slow (real barbecue) I own a Weber Smoky Mountain, a large New Braunfels grill, and a brinkman smoke king converted with an afterburner. I use the brinkman for jerky mostly. I found the High Mountain Jerky company through this site. I have the vidio so I am familiar with Smokin Okie. Good job with the vidio smokin'.
Well I hope to contribute in future so keep up the good work and I will talk to ya later
Been lurkin around here for ages, and just stumbled on to this thread. I boulght my Cookshack a couple of years ago at Cabella's, based solely on what I read in this forum. At first, I missed my ECEBS, but with a little practice and a lot of advice from the column, I'm turning out some mighty fine Q, if I do say so myself (and I say it quite often). Last week, I did 13 pounds of ribs in my Smokette. Started 'em in the mroning when I first got up, and came home at lunch time and took em off. Everybody that tasted em said they were the best ribs they ever had, and considering that I run with a pretty BBQ-minded bunch of suthren exiles, that's quite a compliment...more to the Cookshack than me.

Donna, you can be rightly proud of the good name of your Daddy's company, and the fact that it draws so much attention from somebody as dedicated as Smokin is a pretty good testimonial, not just to the product, but the people, too.

And I love the new website look!

So if you folks got this far, let me ask you. Why are you all sitting around reading this when you could be out Cookshack'in up?
Hey everyone, I've been on other posts before and this is a real nice one, looks like you can get some good information here. Well I am an operations manager at a trucking co in upstate NY and I have a BBQ catering business I run on the weekends. I also do a lot of street fairs and food fest's. I have 3 trailers for my business a 30"x8' Klose trailer, 8' rotisserie trailer and a 12 ft box trailer to haul all the pot and pans. Well enough about me let's get on with the BBQ talk.
Hello all:
I first started smoking & curing food in 1991, while I was on an 8 year live-in assignment in Saudi Arabia (land of the no Pork). My first success was making a mock ham out of turkey. The first turkey was such a success that I seemed to smoke a turkey every other weekend and all of the Americans in the compound would show for our bi-weekend party (15 families plus 25 comuters). The leftovers would end up at my Louisiana buddies fridge for a gumbo that he would make for his bi-weekend party. Little did I know how easy life would have been if I had a cookshack smoker on my front porch, not to mention the amount of sleep I could have gained.
I have now moved my family back to the good ole USA and I now commute back and forth to the Middle East to work. On my 35 days off I spend my time enjoying smoking and eating all types of foods.
Hello everyone - JohnC from Indy here. Bought a smokette 009 for my father (more-so for myself) last Christmas. What a great addition to the cooking arsenal! I will be giving up a 17yr position in the computer/networking field to attend culinary school full time starting late Sept. Quite a career move but I have done plenty of soul searching and research and know I'm making the right decision. No other field have I found where people enjoy what they are doing like those that are in the culinary arts. Wish me luck! I'll be attending the 4th rated Culinary Academy at Sullivan University in Louisville KY. Hope to trade secrets with many of you over the next few years. This place is great! A wonderful place to exchange ideas and learn about the art of preparing great food!

Thanks cookshack nation! JohnC
Cool OK didnt know about this til now, Okie. Anyway, 41, married, daughter 20, son 13. daughter 3. Wife in health industry. I am security officer at same hospital in a small Arkansas town. (are there any big ones?) My hobbies include fishing, camping, playing with kids, making my wife smile, winemaking, gardening, BBQing, church, etc. A friend just became a Cookshack dealer and demonstrated for me so I had to have my own. I was in the man's Air Force for a few years in the 80's and now wish I had stayed, although I would take nothing for the other experiences I would have missed. I guess that covers it well enough...howdy ya'll! Razzer
Hello to everyone
WOW!!! talk about covering the world and all the different lifestyles on one forum. This is awesome. Well lets add one more. The name is Mike Murphy and I live in a small town in Vermont. Have had a wood BBQ for many years. Been a smoker for all of three weeks now. still have a long learning curve ahead. I am an avid fisherman and do some deer, bear, and bird hunting. On the internet most every day, night. ebaying, investing, learning and keeping updated on a bunch of forums.
Enjoy this great forum, keep it up.
Todd S. from a little town in South Dakota ( lots of wind cold and NO bbq joints!). I have been smokin' for almost 13 years on one type of smoker or another, thinking about making a living out of it. Made the mistake of complaining about my cookshack on another forum, they draged me kicking and screaming(just kidding) over here and sat me down to show me the finer points of using my cookshack. Still have not mastered it but makein' some good food in it now. looking forward to learning more.

I live to hunt, fish, camp, and barbecue.
I have an engineering degree, and build and sell smokers-not an expert-just a part time hobby-learned how to survive in the 70's in the service and made a hobby out of it. I work 9 hours a day, bartend three nights a week (Mon-Wed), brine my meat, and sell out of my front yard on Sat & Sun if not doing a party-Hooters and Texas Roadhouse did not start out with 500 franchises-just one business and expanded......... Big Grin
I have been lurkin around here for the past few months. Just got back from Alaska
fishing and a friend smoked some salmon for me using a CS. So with the Salmon
and some brisket he sent home for the wife he has converted me. Maybe I should
say he has converted my wife. I will have a CS vary soon.

hunting, shooting, fishing and soon to be smoking
Hi! I'm new to Cookshack. Considering it as a commercial smoker for my planned bbq restaturant. My current "Q" tools are Weber Charcoal and Gas grills and the Smokey Mountain smoker, TEC infrared grill, a Rinnai (Japanese) Yakitori infrared Grill and a Southern Pride Smoke Chef. Current home location not conducive to large wood-burning offsets. I like all kinds of BBQ - southern, asian, and south/central american. Now live in Stamford Connecticut (just outside if New York City) where there is really no BBQ. I'm lucky to have lived long enough in Memphis TN during the 80's where I got educated in BBQ. My wife is from a small town in Arkansas so we get "recharged" at least twice a year when visiting friends and family. This site (along with Chris Allingham's are the two "godsends" in the internet. There are so many interesting methods and variaties in "Q"ing and I want to try as many as possible. Thanks y'all.
Howdy all! I'm Nanook of the North (Fairbanks, AK). Got my CS this summer and have been in Q heaven ever since (after the boys set me straight). The last smoker I had was a 12 year old snowmachine, which is no longer with us. I had been to Big Daddy's so much I figured I had to do my own when he would close to do the State Fair. Cheers
whew...i have finally joined in the fun...bought my smokette at the big show in jacksonville last spring and haven't stopped smoking!!! smoke, smoke, smoke, what a way of life...can't keep the co-workers from major orders...i prepared 4 chickens and 2 butts for a wedding reception this week{we eat q down in the south all the time for all the right reasons} and the week before it was three butts and three chickens for a new house warming i love my cookshack...good to meet everyone on the board...and good cookin...i will be a regular here if i am not the gator country web site...go gators.... Cool
Hi everybody, I am a new member, was given an ECB a few weeks back, so I decided to get on the net for info, and boy did I find some. I live in the heartland, "The Racing Capitol Of The World", 25 years as a Hoosier, transplanted from the Left Coast. The funny thing is that until I found the "World of Smokin'", I had never even heard of a CookShack. Now I have to have one. I am pushing for Christmas Big Grin . Untill then, I am going to have to limp along on the ECB. Maybe if I screw up a few good pieces of meat, and complain about not having consistenent cooking temps because of the coals, it will help my cause Wink

Nice to meat you all!!

Indy Al
Zacher here. Lawyer type for computer company; been cooking since age 10. Just got a new smokette about a month ago. Unfortunately, it "lives" at my Adirondack Mt. weekend home - no balcony or patio in my NJ condo Frowner But I have "custody" on the weekends!

I got interested after one of my buds brought up some smoked pork loin chops-awesome, and since discovering Oscar's Smokehouse about ten miles away in Warrensburgh NY-its been on the Food Channel, and makes awesome smoked ribs, and the best jerky I've ever had. (Most people leave my place for the weekend and have cramps in their mandibles from chewing it!)

Have had great success with brisket, pork loin chops, chicken breasts, stuffed mushrooms, and salmon. Cheese was my only flop to date. Zacher
Late for RollCall sorry. Here I am, present between naps.
I am going on 71 years of age, retired since 1989 and decided to pick up cooking as a hobby. A few years back I discovered that BBQ could be a wonderful way to cook for my family, and I also added salmon smoking to my culinary misadventures. I am not very good at it when compared to you experts, but I sure enjoy it, and now with this forum, I have no more excuses for screwing up.
Thanks for a great forum, and a great bunch of BBQers.