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i finally took the plunge and ordered the SM045, recieved the unit this week, got some friends to help to assemble and bring to the deck (presently on crutches).
Had an issue with the temp reading, contacted customer service and Bill solved the issue, had to reverse the connections on the terminal block.

going to do my 1st smoke today, going to try hot italian sausage

I am thinking to set it for 250 for approx 1.5 hrs and then check temp?

any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated
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Insert the smoker's temp probe in one of the sausages or another remote probe and keep an eye on the temp before an hour. They'll cook faster at 250*.

I usually smoke very large sausages at 200*(others smoke them at 180*), and they're ready in about 1.5 hrs. Pull them at 160*. They'll turn out delicious. The lower temps will add more smoke flavor.
Congrats on the 045! I tell ya, those fine folks at CS has a way of helping, pleasing all us CS family members. It only takes a friendly call and they will work their butts off to get us up and smoking.

Talking about butts, you outta try a PB in that smoker. They are easy to do and man they are some fine eating.Check out Smokin's 101 on PB.

Good luck on the smoking!!... and your eyes are gonna start seeing everything and your mouth is gonna be thinking what it would taste like smoked,just don't ask how I know this!

Remember to have some FUN and good luck again.
Thanks, after reading all of the forums i decided on CS because of reputation, customer service, built is usa (i'm from canada eh) and the forum
also the fact that all u have to do is set and forget is awesome, especially up here in montreal where the winters are cold
the sausage turned out great, going to do some baby back ribs and jump into brisket next week.

any thoughts on how to run the smoker if it rains?
Now Pags, I'd never treat my 020 like that. I use a milk crate to cover over hole and a bigger piece of plywood on top the crate with a concrete block on it. The plywood is big enough to keep water from hitting the top of the smoker, but it's not tornado prof,oh well!

This keeps my Taylor probes out of the elements also, but to each his own.

I just don't let the dang rain keep me from smoking.
Originally posted by Pags:
If it's exposed to the elements, you might want to place a plumping pipe elbow over the smoke hole on top. If it's raining hard, it'll keep the water off your meat and still let the smoke escape. Otherwise, smoke on.

Be careful, if you fully cover the hole you'll chair the air flow a lot. You need to leave a gap above the hole for airflow. Think more "cap" a couple of inches above the hole, not directly on it.

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