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Thanks guys, a friend at work is interested in the Masterbuilt, it's still in the box, my ever changing schedule and working graves has me so tired on my days off that I never got around to setting it up. No idea what I should ask, they go for a coupla hundred from Cabela's.

Is there anything to set up on the Cookshack? Looks pretty well like it's all put together. Really looking forward to this guy. I may have put off setting up the Masterbuilt 'cause as soon as I knew about the sale I had my heart set on the Smokette.
Smokin' tries to teach us to cook bbq ,well.

There are no straight lines,i.e.,how to boil water.

Pounds of some kind of meat X temp of cooker= the product we ate at the best place in the world.

Boiling water:

Some volume of water at sea level X some heating device[cook until we drink ? martinis]= boiling,maybe at 212*.

There would be lots more fine bbq.

Kinda like picking a spouse,for life.

Simple,ain't it. Roll Eyes
Just pulled the trigger myself on a SM020. I too looked at the masterbuilt for a while because of the lower price but in the end saw too many issues reported from their owners. That and CS descriptions of "built like a tank" and "keeping it as long as you want it" sold me.

Thanks to everyone on this forum for the advice and now I can't wait for my father's day/birthday present to arrive!
Been in contact with Cookshack, they have been great. Appears I need to attach the controller so I'll need another screwdriver. I'm in a townhouse so I have to bring the unit to the back through the house, by myself. I need something to tie the box onto my dolly. Just looking at it with the box top open it appears to be fine. Looks very good actually.
You know the smoker comes with wheels. Even the wrench to attach the wheels. Unbox, stick the wheels on then roll it around to the back. To attach the controller, you will need a Phillips screw driver.
CS ought to include one of those with a pocket clip on it and their logo. That way you don't need any tools and it will advertise their brand name out there.
Get it out and connected today, that way, if you have a question just call CS. don't wait for Saturday, they (and possibly we) might not be able to answer any question.

I can't believe after your waiting, you didn't open it up and put it together. It will be easier to maneuver with those straps without the box.

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