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Pelletheads took 5 out of the top ten spots in Lakeland this weekend. It was a great time and the Pro division spots were sold out with teams turned away.

Plus, it was great to see Fast Eddy and Stuart there also. We got to talk some about the new IQ4 controller on the FEC100 and it is a nice smoker!

As posted by Stephen Smith:

The lakeland FL contest and all the wonderful volunteers who donate countless hours to make it successful, is once again worthy of the accolades all have bestowed on it this weekend. Weather at todays contst was in the mid 70's. It "almost" sprinkled 9 drops of rain at the awards ceromony, but our great BBQ Gods withheld even that for a conclusion of a grand event. Crowds estimated in the 10's of thousnads were busy buying Barbecue all day long from anyone who had food or products for sale. There were 66 professional teams, 62 backyard teams, and 49 Kids-Q participants equal 177 total competition teams. What a spectacular event. ....

Respectfully submitted - Stephen Smith on behalf of myself and our other KCBS Reps: Clif Welch, Walter Hoffman, Mike Garretson, and our RAT John Bradden.


1 Cool Smoke 655.9998
2 Smokin Cracker BBQ team 650.2854
3 Quau 649.7140
4 Buttrub com 645.1430
5 Smoke N Suds 641.1428
6 Homebbq com 640.5710
7 The ABS Cooking Team 637.7144
8 Bill and the Dixie Chicks 637.1426
9 Firehouse BBQ 636.5716
10 Fast Eddys 636.5712
11 Swamp Boys BBQ 634.8568
12 Parrothead Smokers 634.2856
13 Britts Barbeque 634.2852
14 Jacks Old South 634.2852
15 Smokin Triggers 627.9998
16 Bubba Chucks BBQ 627.9996
17 Billy T Foods 625.7142
18 Junk Yard Dogs 624.5712
19 Uncle Kennys BBQ 623.4284
20 Florida Boys 621.7142
21 Bobby Q 619.9998
22 Breasts N Butts 617.7142
23 J-Mack Cookers 617.7140
24 Too Hawg Nuts 616.5710
25 Smokin Butts 616.0000
26 Killer Racks 615.9994
27 Bonesmokers 614.8568
28 This Butts for You 614.2852
29 Wolfs Custom Catering 613.7136
30 Kathleen Roadkill 610.8572
31 Kick Back Cove Racing BB 610.2854
32 Munchees Smokehouse 609.7138
33 AKA BarBeQue Cook Team 607.9998
34 Swamp Water Boys 606.8568
35 Ebs Pit Stop BarBQ 605.7140
36 Orange and Blue Cooking 605.1430
37 Spices Smokehouse 604.5716
38 Spamshiners 603.9996
39 Woodhouse Grill 603.4284
40 Learn 2 Q 597.7138
41 Primo Oval Rulers 597.1424
42 Smokin Steves 595.9994
43 Cul-de-Sac-ers 595.4284
44 The Wild Turkeys 591.9996
45 Big Boys BBQ 591.9992
46 Gator Grates 590.8572
47 Skin and Bones Florida 590.2860
48 Pop A Top 588.0002
49 BBQ D 586.8574
50 Piglicious BBQ 586.8564
51 BBQ Monsters 584.5710
52 Tarheel Cookers 579.9998
53 Most Wanted Foods 577.7144
54 Big Daddy Q 573.7142
55 Big Johns Texas BBQ 573.1424
56 Big Gulps Bar B Que 571.4282
57 Big Daddy Dons 570.8564
58 Lazy J Barbeque 566.8570
59 Gator Hammock 566.2852
60 Bite Me BBQ 548.5714
61 Red Neck BBQ 546.8566
62 Rock N Roll BBQ 541.7138
63 BBQ Guys 513.1430
64 All About Pork 512.0000
65 Bub-Ba-Q 462.8566
66 Pot Belly Pig 424.0002
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We had a blast cooking at this contest--it was our first time out and did all four meats in a single WSM--lots of fun but lots of work. I'm thankful to all of those who gave advice to us throughout the weekend and I look forward to competing with you folks again.

Cook Team "Habeas Porkus"
February 7, 2007

CONTACT: Cayley Armstrong at 580-765-3669
2304 North Ash Street
Ponca City, OK 74601

Five of Top Ten Teams at Florida State Barbecue Championship Contest Competed on Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Smokers

Teams Competing on Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Smokers Dominated the Top Ten Spots at the Lakeland Pig Fest, KCBS-sanctioned Florida State Barbecue Championship Contest, Lakeland, FL, January 26 – 27, 2007.

PONCA CITY, OKLAHOMA, USA – January 27, 2007 Sixty professional teams vied for the coveted top ten at the KCBS-sanctioned Lakeland Pig Fest, January 26 – 27, 2007, Lakeland, FL. Five of the teams who made it were competing on Fast Eddy's by Cookshack smokers.

Smoke & Suds – 5th
Homebbq – 6th
Bill & the Dixie Chicks – 8th
Firehouse BBQ – 9th
Fast Eddy – 10th

Ed "Fast Eddy" Maurin and Jerry Smith of Smoke & Suds were cooking next to each other, Jerry on an FEC100 and Eddy on an FEC500. With controllers set to the same temperature at the same time, Eddy and Jerry left the smokers to work their magic on the meat overnight. "When Jerry and I checked the temperature of our brisket and butts the next morning, the temps of the meats from both smokers were within 2 degrees of each other," says Eddy. FECs are known for their accuracy and reliability.

What started as a small festival in 1997 has evolved into a festival that with over 300 BBQ teams and over 30,000 in attendance and is growing rapidly each year. The pig festival has generated over $100,000 in contributions to charitable organizations within Polk County since 1997.


Cookshack Barbecue Equipment

Cookshack manufactures smoker ovens for commercial, home, and competition use under the brand names of Cookshack and Fast Eddy's by Cookshack. Cookshack has an industry-wide reputation for its high quality products and exceptional customer service. The company has been in business for over 40 years and ships its products worldwide. Cookshack is privately held and is located in Oklahoma. Commercial equipment is NSF approved and UL listed; most stainless steel models are USDA approved. Residential equipment is UL listed. Made in the USA.

Need an image? Visit the image gallery at for high resolution images.

Cookshack Barbecue Forum
Bubba Chucks BBQ used a FEC 100 that I sold them, fist competition that they used the FEC I believe. They are some great guys...hell, they left the warmth and comfort of FL for the Ohio road trip to pick up my FEC. They are still fairly new to the circut, so keep an eye out on them. Congrats to everyone else in the FEC world.

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