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man about a year ago i spent around $140 or so for a 5 1/2 quart le creuset french dutch oven (the best) and i do not use it at all. its been sitting there for months without use and im thinking i could get some use out of it with my smokette.

it is HEAVY. not sure if the grids that came with the smokette can handle the weight for hours at a time.

im thinking a pot roast or baked beans. need some ideas
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I have Le Creuset that I use a lot in the winter for things like French Onion Soup, Red Bean & Rice with Smoked Sausage, Braised Lamb Shanks, or anything that you cook low & slow with the cast iron retaining internal heat.

Try this Baked Bean recipe from Alton Brown. I usually stick it in a 250 degree oven overnight and pull it out in the morning. I'm not always an Alton Brown fan, but when the receipe calls for a pound of Bacon in a pound of Beans, how can you go wrong!
Send the pot to Ribdog, then go to Wal-Mart and buy their 6 qt asian made ripoff for $39. Even it's too nice to put in your smoker.

You do realize that the outside of the pot will look like the inside of your smoker unless you get crazy with some cleaning action every time you use it? It will get smoke residue on everything it touches until it gets cleaned.

Send it to Ribdog and buy yourself a bunch of dispoable half pans and use them instead. And seriously, cook pot roast in your oven, not your smokette.
The home folks don't give too much thought to this,but there are a lot of applications to disposables.

Large rolls of HD foil,and HD plastic wrap are worth their weight in gold.

It brings the cost down drastically, and as we cook more, we,or the co-cook don't spend any time salvaging all those things that go with cooking.

BBQ,or in the kitchen.

A plastic bag of half pans go with everything in a smoker,and many things in the house oven.

At a grocery,one costs more than the food inside it,but at a box store,you don't know how you ever lived without them. Roll Eyes

When you go to the picnic,the awards potluck,all the kids functions-you just walk away and leave them.

Especially nice, when you are trying to slip out,and don't want to be caught trying to remove your pyrex dish. Wink

At cookoffs,vending,caters,etc., we line and throw most everything.

Speed,labor costs,or the pleasure of not "having to stop and clean it"

They don't take much room to store-when you compare them to all the pans we store,and have to SCRUB.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Hafta remember to look for those at Costco next time I go. Guinness is cheap there so I go quite a bit (21 bucks for 18 is a great price). Loaded up on Ziplock bags and got a big roll of foil. Got a huge roll of Resinite film about 6 years ago and still have a load on the roll. It'll stick to anything, best film I've ever seen. I've stored meat, wrapped in that, then in a freezer bag for 3 months or so with no burn. Great stuff. I think that roll was about 12 bucks. Little more than the little rolls in grocery stores, but there's more than half left after 6 years, it'll be less than a dollar a year.

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