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Here are some early results for the Lebanon, TN contest:

gc- bill and the dixie chicks
rc- lotta bull
3rd home bbq
4th smokey mtn smokers
5th jerry king

1st chicken-bill and the dixie chicks
1st-ribs-light my fire bbq
1st- pork-johnny trigg
1st-brisket-home bbq

Way to go NINA!!!

Congrats to Kevin and Clare also for their great finish.
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I was fortunate enough to have Lebanon as my first judging event. I listened to Smokin' (doesn't everyone?) and took the CBJ class, etc.

Well, a very nice event. Everyone was very nice and it was very informative. Some VERY experienced judges were there...4 Masters at my table alone.

There was one piece of chicken that hit our table that ALL the judges raved about (afterward the cards were turned in) much, I believe it could have scored close to all 9's across the board.

Perhaps it was Bill and Nina's!

Anyhow...congrats to the pelletheads and the fine showing at Lebanon.


No, it was all thighs! Don't tell me it wasn't yours! It had to be in the top few based on all the judges reactions at the table.

Next time, I'll stop by and see ya after the cook...that way I'll make sure I get a piece of YOUR chicken!...and ribs...and pork....

lol. Good job.


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