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I'm smoking a 5.5 lb Leg of Lamb Bone-In. After dry rubbing for 2 days in the fridge I placed the Leg in the Smokette Original @ 225 degrees with wireless thermometer. After just 3 hrs it has reached 145 degrees. Is 145 degrees what many consider the temp you want Leg of Lamb to hit?

The Cookshack Cookbook (page 36) calls for the Leg of Lamb to cook for 6hrs at 225 degrees. I would think at that temp for 6 hrs, the Leg's internal temp would probably reach close to 225 degrees.

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The 3 hrs smoked w/ pecan chunks at 225 deg w/ int temp reaching 165 left the leg of lamb below avg in my opinion. I don't care for it.

Today I just smoked some lamb chops @ 150 for 9.5 hrs w/ pecan and it turned out really really tasty. Lesson....longer length of time with shorter temp

I am going to recook the leg of lamb at 130 for another 4 - 5 hrs to see how it turns out.

Any opinions on recooking in the Cookshack 2 days after initial? Not a big fan of the result of 225temp setting for 3 hrs.
Did the lamb have little taste or too dry?

I think the 165* was a bit too overdone. Try removing at no more than 140*. The cook temp just determines how long it takes to get to where you want to be. Low and slow is virtually the same whether it's 225* or 275* or 180*. Now if you're cooking at 375* or 425*, that's another story. I wouldn't cook anything as low as 130*, texture wise and safety wise, but that's me.

Don't cook at a set temp for a fixed time. Cook till the meat reaches the temp you want and often check for tenderness with a temp probe or toothpick.
Yes, Lamb had little taste and was a bit dry

so if I were to do the same leg of lamb again you are recommending:

Set Cookshack at 225 degrees till internal temp reaches 140

Once int temp reaches 140 degrees, lower the Cookshack dial temp to 140 for an additional # of hrs (say 4 hrs)

If my plan is to put the meat out in the morning prior to going to work....say 6 am, would I want to just set the Cookshack at 140 and add wood chunks and return from work at around 4 to 6 pm and it should be good to go?
I just wouldn't cook anything at 140*. Once it's cooked, holding it at 140* is fine.

I'd come home at 4:00, take it out of the fridge after resting in its rub/marinade and smoke it at 250*. A 4 lb leg of lamb should take roughly 2 hrs. What with smoker preheat, and meat resting, you should be eating at 7:00 pm.

You're going to love that leg of lamb.

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