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I am still quite new to smoking and my CS, but for every technique and recipe I've followed it always suggests putting the wood in at the beginning. After a few hours the wood is completely consumed, but may still have double or triple the cook time remaining.

Should I be splitting up my wood and adding it a little at a time? or it doesn't matter?

The smoke would all be absorbed in the first 2 hours or so and then the food just "cooks" for the remaining time.

Are there certain types of meat I should or shouldn't add more wood later on in the smoke?
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I'm always for one trying new things for themselves and keeping good notes,with that said, there could be a GOOD reason folks add wood at the start and not worry about adding anymore?

The good smoke will not be noticeable,in fact, it is so light blue that most folks don't think there is any being produced, but if you will lean over and sniff the exhaust hole with your nose it will be present...try for yourself!

Most cooks think that a time comes when the meat will quit taking on smoke and after that point there is very little need for anymore.

Tom taught me, 2 little pieces for short smokes, two middle size for medium length smokes and two fist size for long smokes...seems to work well.
here's what I suggest (stop me if you've heard this one).

Try some and keep good notes.

Are you happy with the smoke flavor the way you're doing it now?

Are you wanting more smoke flavor?

Yes, smoke will penetrate up to a certain temp (I'm still not sold on what that temp is) BUT keep in mind, that smoke will ALWAYS add to the bark and on the outside. That's where you get the creosote taste some people get from oversmoked foods.

Always a lot of variation.

It's not like we're every set on our recipes, so experimentation is part of the fun.
There are cookers that use a "charcoal" for heat,and cooks have their own timing for adding small amounts of wood,at certain times.

Like Smokin' says,the oversmoking/creosote taste should usually be the real concern.

I'm also amazed about folks that follow Smokin's note taking suggestion ,move closer to the KISS method with every year of experience. Wink

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