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Anyone familiar with the Louisiana Grills model Pellet Cookers?
I have a Model 50 and have been thinking about adding a pellet cooker. Traeger is not well made in my opinion and The FE is a bit out of my price range.

The excellent feature of the Louisiana Grills line seems to be totally seperate smoke control from the main temperature/cooking control. There is a dealer in my area....they seem to be well made but I would love to here if someone has cooked on one. Thanks
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I have tried to find information about these grill/smokers on several forums with little success. Candy Sue owns one and likes it, that's good enough for me. Problem is that I do not need one as large as the Kentwood and have been told that the Little Louie is very small, about big enough for one rack of ribs. I sure do wish that CS would develope a residential FEC. Please post any info you may come across.

Well, I downloaded the owners manual from Louisiana Grills and it appears that the "independent smoke control" is not any different than Traeger or FE. When it is set on smoke you are getting a temp of 200-220 deg. When you switch to cook you can go to the higher temps. You cannot "smoke" at 350 deg. as it appears. I guess to truely seperate the two functions you would need 2 seperate burn areas like a dedicated smoker box on a gas grill.
This is true. Smoke control is a switch, either "smoke" or "cook." I don't use it. I put a foil packet of pellets over the pellet fire pot. On the Kentwood, there's a metal shield over the fire pot. Put a packet of pellets there for added smoke flavor. But, just like with the FE, IMO you get plenty of smoke flavor from the pellet fire itself. Some folks do like to burp smoke rings though.
Are you wanting to grill or smoke? I looked at the AG site and no reference to price. A simple one page site with no links to prices (that I could find).

You're getting a gas grill which looks to run on pellets too, sort of a dual fuel thing.

I have a pellet smoker for smoking and a gas grill for grilling. Each made to do what they do right.

Guess the people that buy Louisiana grills just don't go to the internet?

Good luck in your search.
Web site is It's really not a bad grill and much less in price than the American Grill (retails at about 3200).

Best pellet grill I've ever come across is a Nomad pellet-matic. It's very small, stainless steel, cranks right up to 500+ degrees and will sear very, very well. Bad thing is that they aren't made any more. Every now and then you can find them at grill retailers or on e-bay. Run about $500. I use this grill in competition.

I own a FE PG500 and a FEC 100 by cookshack.  My neighbor has a Traeger that sets under his porch and it is rusted out.  Maybe other models are better, but Both of my cookers are heavy duty stainless steel.  I've had my 100 for going on 10 years and have pumped nearly 2.5 tons of pellets thru it.  I'm confident I will pass both these cookers down to my kids when I move to the rest home in 30 or so years.  My advice, Save your money and buy a cookshack!!!!

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