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I decided to make a cheeseburger fatty as the initial cook on my SM066.  I have never cooked one these before.  I've done briskets, ribs, chicken, and butts.  I figured the bacon weave and rolling would be more difficult than it actually was. 

I set the smoker for 275 and cooked until the ground beef was 160.  The cook took under two hours.  The Cookshack probe was within 1 degree of my Thermoworks. 

It looks good and smells good.  I did not eat any because I'm going to take it to work with me tomorrow.  I have one concern.  The underside of the bacon looked undercooked.  Do I have to worry about that?

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That is tough to answer.  I know it will not look anything like crispy fried bacon.  Assuming the bacon was cured and smoked, you MIGHT (?) be ok.  But I just don't know. You may have to do a search for that on the web.  The alternative would be to cut sections and heat in a microwave.  Unless someone else comes along with a definitive answer, you might be on your own.  But it sure looks good!

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So, I brought my Cheeseburger fatty to work and shared it with my solo coworker.  I told him about the bacon and he said fu*k it, this thing smells great.  I cut it in half and nuked my for 2 minutes.  The whole office smelled like smoked meat.  It was very good and smokey.

I am very impressed with this smoker.  I have a 22 inch Webber kettle that I set up to smoke.  It has the SNS set up as well as the Fireboard Pro 2 fan and temperature controller.  I also used a gasket around the lid and I could run my Webber at what ever temperature I wanted with the Fireboard.  I have smoked ribs, briskets, butts, and pork belly with no issues.

I am blown away by the amount of smoke flavor that the SM066 produces from 2 oz of wood.  I would throw 6 ounces (estimate) wood in my Webber and not come close.

For now, I am very glad I bought this smoker.  In my conversations with folks on this forum and the other smoking forum I am on, I see no reason for that to change.

I think a pork loin is next...

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