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Haven't seen it asked here. Don't know what to suggest, but if I were buying one I'd want it to have standard size plates, like a #12 or less likely in this price range, #32 so that I could get a variety of hole sizes or replacements. Some of the little electric grinders have non-standard plates and knives.
I bought about a year ago with shipping it was $125 it works great grinds 176 lbs a min and you can see it on ebay but it may cost more. Tasin is the mfg comes with 3 plates and a stuffing tube, do a search for smalltimer thats where I got mine if you need more info let me know, cant beat it for the price. I grind dear meat with it pork beef works great
dmaclaren, Which one did you get the older version or the newer version, within the last year, I am thinking of one. The middle size 1HP i believe, about 370.00 I like these for all the extra that are available for use on it.

Planning on making a trip to the Wheeling store in the next week or so to pick one up.

Does it work well for 2.5 to 3" casings?

thanks for the info.

Dennis, I have the grinder attachment for the kitchen aid mixer. We have used it some for deer processing. I would recommend it for small jobs and infrequent use only. I would put your money towards something else if you have much volume. It works fine but it is not very speedy. Hope this helps, Shane
dave i have the same one 1hp from cabelas.
i love it, just put it were you are going to keep it and use it. wow very heavy!!but....
very well built, but thats me i don't like to buy anything where i'm going to have to say i should-of or wish i got, you know buy it once and keep it.

semper fi dave s
bought a creekside at gander mtn. a few years back, around $100.00, 1 1/4 hp. 3 plates, 3 tubes, #22, works great. grinds more per hour than i need. you can buy more plates and tubes if you need them, sausagemaker, l.e.m., eldon, ect. i only due 15 to 20 lbs. at a time, cs 08. paul

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