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You'll need to provide the experienced folks with more information before they'll be able to help you. At what temps are you cooking? At what temps are you pulling the product? How are you preparing the product before the smoke? What wood are you using? Which smoker? Weight of the product, etc. The more details the better. Right now, they'll have more questions than answers for you.
Like Pags said, we need details. In order to figure out the problems, we need to know what steps you took.

You can figure out the internal temp, but you need a remote temp probe (that you've verified the temp). But I've rarely seen it be an issue of the smoker too hot.

The first guess is when you said "recommended time for cooking per pound". Newbies should NEVER cook by time. Ever. There are too many variables such as the size of the meat, shape, density, weight, etc etc.

You'll be well serve to get a remote probe (check the thermometer forum for details) and then go with an internal temp as your goal

On your last topic, Smoke Ring, do a search. There are tons of threads on it.

You might want to check out the "lessons for new users thread" there's a lot of great info there (top of the open forum)
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