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I've been on this forum since 2001 and honestly can't remember ever having seen such a statement. That doesn't necessarily mean that It hasn't been said but apparently not too often.

The temperature most bandied about here is the unsafe zone between 40 deg and 140deg. It is best to maintain the product above 140 deg when keeping warm before serving.

That having been said, check back later I'm sure the big guns like Smokin' and Tom will remember if such a number has been discussed.
Don't know about that "big guns" stuff,but TakeitEZ pretty much covered it.

There are good holding cabinets that hold at about 140º,and introduce enough moisture,to hold large meats ,well,for a very few hours.

Now ,logically,if you have cooked a product to 120º-rare beef,long term 140º will eventually settle at the cooker temp.

Hope this helps a little.
Jim, read Tom's post again. He's telling you that if your holding temperature is lower than your finishing temperature the meat won't cook any further. On the other hand, if your holding temperature is higher than your finishing temperature then the product will continue to cook. Does this make sense?
The key is to just hold it below whatever the finishing temp was, but above 140.

140 is food safe, so you want to have that as your minimum temp.

As you go higher it will tend to draw moisture out.

You don't want to cook a brisket to 190 and hold it at 190, higher isn't better for holding.

Shoot for 140 to 160.

Now that doesn't apply to anything with a finishing temp of lower than 140, saw a MR steak. Cook it to 125 and hold it at 140 it will continue to cook.

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