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Apple Smoked - Spiral Cut - Honey Glazed Ham

Place a 2 oz. chunk of apple in Amerique, set temp at 300°, time for 30-40 minutes, and start. When smoke starts rolling place ham in smoker for 20 minutes.

Place a rack within a roasting pan with approx. ½ inch of water, a couple star anise, and a dozen or so whole cloves. Place ham on rack; baste with glaze, then into a preheated 325° oven. Continue basting every 20 minutes until internal temperature reaches 130°-135°, approximately 15 minutes per pound. When internal temp is met, remove ham from oven and caramelize glaze with a torch, serve.

Of course, you could finish in the smoker, but be careful not to add too much smoke. The weather was not conducive to cooking outside plus the recovery time would have been much longer than a gas oven.
I will defer to Mr T, who I know is the true ham expert, but here is what I have come up with, and the family likes it pretty well.

I used a Kroger spiral sliced brown sugar ham about 10#
Take a jar of Smuckers pineapple ice cream topping and mix in a bunch of chopped pickled jalapenos, some brown sugar, and Tiger Sauce.
Using a spatula, smear that mixture between all of the spiral slices. I usually put the ham on a cookie sheet or in a foil pan.
Into cold smoker. I usually use hickory or cherry wood or both. Set smoker to 275. Leave in an hour to 90 minutes.
Remove. Double foil the ham. (If you don't foil, the ham will dry out)
Back into smoker set at 300 F until IT gets to 130 or 140.
Take the brown sugar glaze packet that comes with the ham and mix it up on the stove, add in remaining pineapple mixture and some juice from the ham that is in the bottom of the double foil. Smear that glaze over the ham. (hold a little glaze back for later)
Back into smoker with the double foil opened up for around 20 minutes or so to set the glaze.
Remove ham from smoker and let rest under tented foil for 20 minutes or so.
Slice up the ham and plate it.
Take the remaining glaze and paint a little bit on the slices on the serving plate.

Total cooking time, including the ins and outs of the smoker is around 4 hours.

I love the leftovers on rolls with honey mustard, and my wife makes killer ham and beans with the leftover ham bone and trimmings. The ham and beans have a wonderful, light, smoky flavor.
Thank you Andy, Tom, and Soleman!! So many ideas, so little time! Now I have to work around a SO who isn't really fond of meat with very sweet sauce or glazing. She might decide the brown sugar and/or pineapple are too much. I think I'll start slow with the honey glaze as sold and build up from there. I will post results and reviews. Thanks again!
Thanks to AndyJ and everyone for the ideas. I followed Alton Brown's recipe as modified by Andy. I used a spiral cut hickory smoked ham from Costco - 10 lbs at $2 a lb. I rinsed it and put it in a foil pan with improvised foil tubes as a "rack" since I knew it would release lots of water. In the smoker (AQ) at 250 for about 5 1/2 hours until the IT was about 126. Used 1 7/8 oz of hickory (1 chunk). Ready for smoking:

Out of the smoker (amazing smell filling up the house!):

Sprinkled and spritzed (brown sugar, bourbon spritz, crushed ginger snaps per Alton Brown, then more bourbon):

Out of the 350 oven 1 hour later, ready to eat:

Overall, the flavor was fantastic. I would probably not use a spiral sliced ham again since it dried out a bit, although the slicing may have allowed more smoke penetration which was great. If I do use sliced, I'd cut down the wood to about an ounce, especially for company. Will definitely do again! Thanks all, and especially AndyJ!
Great job! That looks fantastic! I love the crust that's created. Your's looks like it turned out great. I've been making that recipe for probably close to 15 years, way before I had a smoker.

One or two times I tried a different ham recipe and I was told in no uncertain terms to never do that again. I now stick to what works. Next time, just go for the cheap $1.29/lb. ham. No need for the spiral sliced.

Great job! Thanks for the pics.
Thanks Andy - the spiral sliced ham was a spot buy and an anticipated convenience, but probably not the right choice in the smoker. Maybe without the smoker in the old days.... Razzer

Yep, great coating and great crust. We don't usually like sweet flavors with our meats, but the crunchy crust pieces were intoxicating! I used Trader Joe's triple ginger cookies - I'd eat them all day long just by themselves! And of course, bourbon is the key to almost any problem.
Thanks Pags - it was really pretty easy. I think AndyJ is right that the spiral sliced is not really necessary, but I do like the smoke penetration it apparently allowed. I'm willing to put up with a little drying out for the extra smoke. I really like the dryness of true country ham when I can get it. It was a great experiment. Try it!

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