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I know I know, a BBQ forum is no place for fancy French terms!

As I mentioned in another topic, I'm loving the new AQ but I'm struggling with the prep work before the cooking starts. Probably because I don't have a good work area. I read through many topics and got some great ideas. Tonight I picked up a decent size table that I can have near the smoker. I also picked up a plastic tub that I can use to put whatever meat I am rubbing in because whatever I lay down on the table sticks or moves or tears, creating waste and mess. For cleanup I found a mortar mix tub at Lowe's for $4 that's great to soak the racks in after use, and a $3 scraper. for whatever reason I'm getting leakage underneath my AQ, front under the door and back under the back edge, so I bought a clear plastic carpet runner/protector to put under the smoker, that's easy to hose off.

I think I've helped myself immensely. Any other tricks, tips, etc. would be helpful!

Oh, and do you think the leakage from under the AQ is normal?
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You want to track down those leaks. I'm pretty sure it's leaking from the drain hole and following the outside of the smokers and/or it leakage from the front when you open the doors.

Never heard of a CS leaking, given how they are built, so track it down. If it's from the unit itself and it's leaking from inside (not the vent hole) then your insulation will also be compromised.

Oh, and you'll get more responses if you don't use Fancy Chef's terms... just kidding LOL Wink

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