I just received my Smokette Model 025 a couple weeks ago. My first smoke seemed to take too long. I did have an issue with our sweltering temperatures causing the control unit to overheat and display "hot" until I was able to get it in the shade and cooled down so I figured that added a bit of time to the process but the 8# boston butt still took 22 hrs @ 225*. I ended up pulling it out a 190* and it was excellent.

Anyway, I decided to do a test to check the smoker internal temperature and the temp probe using a second Polder probe. There were a couple revelations. The smoker temp reading seemed to be reading higher than the Polder and the built in temp probe didn't give me a reading above 199. It just read "HI" when it hit 200. I have read all over the forums that I should look for boston butt to hit 190 to 205 before pulling them.

Should the SM025 temp probe stop reading at 199?

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That's what I thought Terry. Thanks for the reply. I couldn't believe it just displayed "HI" when it should have hit 200*. I even opened the smoker door several times to scrub the temp down below 190* to see what happened at 200*. Happened every time.

I guess I'll make a call to customer service tomorrow to see what they say.

I think you're going to find the themometer reads only to 200* by design. I've never taken any meat over 196* (a butt) so I've not had to worry about it. Also, if the meat goes into the smoker with an internal temp of around 38* or lower, the smoker probe won't read until the meat gains a few degrees.
Well Bitdigger!,

I'd guess that the old timer that taught me to smoke PBs would be rather disappointed in you for wanting to cook them to some set temp...but feel free to keep doing it like that...but you really need to learn to cook till they're done. To most of us that would be when the probe slides into them like going into butter.
Imagine how much customer service phone time CS could save if there was a simple yet accurate error log included in the user manual on each model. I agree that if you can set the meat temp probe for 200 that is what you should get; and yes there are a number of posts here noting the 205 for PB and brisket points. Tho' I only usually set my AmQ meat probe no higher than 195. So I did a test with the probe set to the max setting of 200 and when it reaches 200 the unit goes into the hold mode as it should. So what is the 025 supposed to do when the meat probe reaches set temp?
cal - I'm pretty green when it comes to smoking so I'll have to rely, for the time being, with a lot of cooking technique research. I hope to one day employ my smoker with the experience base you have. So far my research here hasn't let me down.

TN Q - The SM025's temp probe is just there for a display reading and doesn't interact with the thermostat at all.

If I find out the "HI" reading at 200* is by design, I won't be very happy but it's not a deal breaker. Like I said, the PB that came out at 190* was excellent. I am looking forward to many more "experiments". Smiler

OK, thanks for that info. In the 025 the meat temp probe is simply a built-in probe and only displays the meat temp. I don't see anywhere stating what the max temp the meat probe will display. From reports it appears that the max temp that the meat probe will monitor is 199 tho' it isn't noted in print anywhere. The max meat temp isn't noted in the 066 info either but since it can be set I can tell you it only goes to 200, which is comparable to the 199 limit for your 025.
Like Cal said, start probing your butt (pork) at around 190*. If the probe slides in easily, then the meat is done. If not, continue to cook. If you reach 199*, continue to test with the probe since that will tell you the meat is ready.

Can't deny a larger probe temp range , or some explanation would make it easier on those in the learning process.
I just got off the phone with Bill @ Cookshack (great customer service by the way) and he was able to confirm that the SM025 is designed to behave in this way and will indeed register "HI" when the probe reaches 200* or above.

I sure wish it went above that but it is what it is. Smiler I'll just learn to adapt my methods and start using a more hands on approach when operating in that 190* range. I have been hesitant to open that door as many people on here have stories about how it adds hours to the process.

I appreciate the feedback and the advice from everyone.

I'm with ya Pags, that is if you are talking about opening the door later in the cook. I assume that the smoker gets back up to heat rather quickly, because it has a rather warm piece of meat for a heat sink?

The 025 has the 750 watt element and it does a nicer job of recovering when the door has to be opened or you are wanting to dump a little extra moisture from the smoker.

Hey Bitdigger, advice is always free and easily given on the forum, but you will need to learn how to tell doneness on the different types of meat...so if you ever need advice on them just ask!
The meat, walls, door, floor, ceiling, wood box, wood, grates and heat shield are also hot so that helps. When I open the door to dump moisture or verify a temp, I only lose a few smoker degrees, and it comes back quickly. Now, multiple openings may delay things some.

My sm-25 meat probe also registers HI at 200.  I called CS customer service and got the same response that Bitdigger got on his call.  But, check out Cookshack Operator's Manual,  V.17, page 7, operating Instructions.  It states "The controller will not register temperatures below 50F or above 300F. In either circumstance where the temperature is below or above this range the probe section will read "high.""  Seems to me there is a discrepancy here.  I wish the readout went up to 300.

@VASMOKE, I still believe it is a short-coming of thew SM-25 design but shortly after this I bought a wireless probe from ThermoPro. It gives me both the meat and internal temps and I no longer rely on the electronic readings on the smoker. I haven't looked back.

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