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It's near that time of year that I see lots of rib roasts on sale here, and I want one!!!!

The problem is that I am cooking for one..... Me.

So I'm looking for suggestions as to how to deal with roasts in the 5lb. to 10lb. or greater range.
In the past I've targeted rare or med rare as my temp to finish at which has worked for the first slice. Unfortunately later reheating has ended up with a product that is too done....

This year I'm looking for new suggestions as to how to deal with these roasts.
I'm thinking that I should smoke it and remove it at a much lower temperature, and then slice it.
From there, for my first cut I'll pop it back on a hot grill and finish to the doneness I'm looking for. The remainder I'll freeze individual slices to be put it on the grill at a later time.

What temperature would you suggest as a target to pull it from the smoker the first time???

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Depends on how you like your beef.. We like it really rare in this household and I just cooked a 3 inch thick cut of cheap beef ($2.49) a chuck roast of some kind. To keep it rare, I froze it and when ready to cook I covered with olive oil and applied granulated garlic, pepper, and a BBQ rub I make up. Then popped it (frozen) into the 055 for until a temp of 130 (4 hours). It was great. 145 is supposed to be medium rare so pick a temp you like.
If you get a large one, cut it in 1/2 so you have two large pieces.

Cook them how you want and free one.

What I do is cut 2 bones worth and vacuum seal those.

How are you reheating? If you're using a microwave, undercook it a little but the key is to NOT use the High setting, but a lower, reheat setting. We do that and the pink is still pink.

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