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Best to go to google and read discussions for days.It occurs naturally in many forms,also.

Answers are like whether light haired,or dark haired folks make better spouses.

If you are trying to sell a product and the lawyer wants every single item in life protected from a one in a million lawsuit,they will have you disclaim your product has any MSG-or anything else.
There's no definitive proof that I know of that proves MSG is harmful. The FDA requires it to be listed on labels when used...not as a warning; simply as an ingredient.

Folks who use it in BBQ preparation claim it enhances flavor. I shy away from it as any more than a trace leaves an unpleasant sensation on my palate.
Personally, I'd buy a small shaker of it at Walmart and try it. See for yourself if it is something that you think your product needs or if you can even tell it is on there.

I have read of rare cases that some people are allergic to it, but as Tom stated, it can be found naturally in different products/forms.
The reason I asked it that my brother-in-law bought me a chicken rub made by Fiesta. I put it on some Red fish we caught in Corpus Cristi and made fish tacos that were absolutly great. I did some smoked chicken the next time and Liked it a lot as well. I did some research on the internet and Fiesta brand has MSG in almost every rub and spice mix that they make.
MSG originated in the orient and was derived from seaweed. It is now produced chemically and is used as a flavor enhancer. Some people are alergic and/or sensitive to MSG. If you use it and like the end results and don't have problems with it, go for it! It is used in a LOT of dishes in most Chinese restaurants. I agree with what Tom, Max, and Cal says....
I have no problem with it, and don't believe many of the claims on headaches, etc. There was a recent article on another forum, I'll have to find the link.

The main thing, if you don't want to use it, nothing wrong with that. Me? I like it because it gives the rubs, etc that "what is it" flavor enhancement.

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