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I have cooked a Prime Rib every year for my family for the past 6 years. I have never smoked one. In the past I have started hot and then lowered the temp and cooked to an internal of 140, held and served.

This year in my Elite, I would like to season and smoke at 180 until an internal of 125 hold and reverse sear. The key to my question is the hold. I have a specific time I want to serve dinner so for an 18 pound 7 rib roast Choice cut, how long do you think it will take to get to 125? I am looking for a range. 2-4hrs is my guess. With a hold of 1-2 hours. The hold is where I have the flexibility in case the roast takes longer.

I havent measured to see if the roast will fit yet. I might have to cut it in half. So has anyone smoked a full PR in an Elite?

My other question is that the PR is removed from the bone and tied back on. Do you guys remove the rack to season and tie back on?

Thanks for the help, and Merry Christmas!
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At 180* smoker temp, dls' 13 lb prime rib took 4-4.5 hrs to cook to 121*. I don't think an 18 pounder will take significantly longer because the larger prime rib is longer but not thicker. I had an 8.5 lb prime rib take 3 hrs to get to 125* internal cooking in 2 stages (190* for 90 minutes and 225* for 90 minutes). So it looks like 4-4.5 is about right at the lower cook temp.

I always remove and retie the rack after seasoning. Like the meat and the bones to have seasoning on all sides.
i just smoked a 14.25 lb select this last weekend in fec100 at 180. it took 4.75 hours to hit 122. I held for 45 minutes wrapped in foil in a warmed cooler. reversed seared at 550 for 10 minutes per DLS on all points. It turned out perfect and was surprised at how evenly from end to end how consistent the meat was for doneness. after sear it hit 126 to 128 with very little juice escaping. in fact the foil wrap only had a small amount. I made aus jus prior to serving out of bones and beef stock. Not a leftover and everyone said it was their best ever prime rib.
i strongly suggest checking out the DLS method and seasoning but add worchestire prior to the paste. just my 2 cents worth
Thanks guys. I will take your advice and cut in half. I think you're right about having 4 end cuts instead of 2.

I have read the DLS method and will consider using it. I was going to keep it pretty simple with Worchestire sauce and salt, pepper. I was going sprinkle on some dried rosemary (lightly) and use fresh rosemary and garlic in the wood box with a small piece of hickory. I do appreciate the suggestions.
This is a little bit off the process you have been discussing, but here it goes. A friend asked me a couple weeks ago about a pre cooked prime rib roast. I have never done one.
Would you re-heat to the temp you want and then reverse sear if it needs that?
I usually do the reverse sear when I do uncooked ones.


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