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Thank you CS forum… I used the find feature and found a lot of help. I did the following:

1 pound pasteurized raw almonds
3 table spoons of water
1 table spoon of CS spicy chicken rub
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 ounces hickory
1 gallon size zip-lock bag
1 cookie drying/cooling rack.

I put the almonds in the zip-lock bag with the water (shake shake shake till everything looks wet/damp). Then I added the rub and garlic powder to the bag (shake shake till everything looks covered). I don’t have a seafood rack so I used a cookie drying rack in the smoker. I spread the almonds out on the rack, added hickory, turned it to 200 degrees, and waited 2 hrs. I ended up sharing the almonds with about 15 different friends at the bar and they all liked it. My neighbor asked me to make her a batch and she wants to pay for the ingredients.

A few of the recipes I saw on the forum included cornstarch. I did not use cornstarch. Does anyone know what the cornstarch would do? I only use the stuff to thicken stews.

Anyone have any other suggestions to improve the recipe?

I have to make 2 pounds for some friends next week. They own a bar and want to put some on the bar top in bowls with a spoon (free).


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I use the following recipe:
4lbs Almonds
6 table spoons Worcestershire Sauce
4 table spoons CS Spicy Chicken Rub
2 teaspoons salt
2oz Hickory woody chunks
2 aluminum foil sheet pans with holes (about the size of a cookie sheet / purchased from local grocery store)

Place almonds in a bowl. Add Worcestershire sauce and stir until coated. Add CS rub, salt and stir until weel coated. Divide mix and place evenly on trays. Place 1 trya on each shelf of my 025 and smoke @225 degrees for two to three hours. I check at two hours and determine if moisture has disapated from nuts. I have also substituted 4 table spoons Cajun Seasoning and 2 teaspoons garlic powder in place of the CS rub. Everyone seems to like this also.
As for the corn starch, I have never tried it and I'm not sure what it would add to the recipe.
Another thing that I have found is that the almonds do not seem to have much flavor when they are first taken out of the smoker. I store them in zip lock bags or an air tight container after they cool. The flavor really seems to come out after sitting in the container for a day or so. I have had sililar ersults when I smoke cheese.
I added about 4 drops of the hot sauce to the Worcestershire and still used the minced garlic and sea salt. I will add a few more drops of the hot sauce next tine! I do not use Tabasco, too hot and IMO no flavor, just heat. I like Crystal Hot Sauce or Louisiana Hot Sauce, but your favorite will work!

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