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I'm really getting excited ! I ordered a new SM045, been tracking the shipment all week online and it's set to be delivered tomorrow. Today I received the wood assortment and spice assortment I ordered so I'll be all set to go. I've been smoking for a long time but this is my first cookshack. I've been reading everything I can on this site to try and get up to speed. Even with all the reading I've been doing I know I'll be asking a number of newbie questions as I learn how to use my cookshack but it's great to know that there's a forum like this where so many experienced smokers are so willing to lend a hand.
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I have learned that this forum is an actual reflection of the kind of company that CS is. It is very caring, sharing,and friendly environment.

So with that in mind and also seeing that you admitt to having a Queing backgroud. Isn't there a recipe that you would care to share with Pags and me?

Everyone would be more than happy to bare with another Newbie recipe and that would be friendly of you.

Have FUN with that new smoker of yours and good Queing to you!
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Well,,, I have been smoking for many years but that smoking has been limited to smoking jerky, fish and poultry but my recipes are really not that much different than some of the recipes that I ran across when doing all my research on this forum so I don't really have any recipes to share that would be "new" to anyone. I've never gotten into smoking beef and pork and have no experience with them but I'm looking forward to giving these cuts of meat a go in my new smo45 and will gladly be sharing my successes,,, and failures Smiler ,,,, with the forum. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes I've gotten off of this forum.
It arrived late yesterday, in the pouring rain, so I placed it in my shed and didn't get a chance to unpack it and check it out until this morning. The box appeared to be undamaged but I did find 2 dents in the back of the smoker down near the bottom of the unit on the corners where the side panels meet the back panel, one dent on each side. I was disappointed but the dents aren't to bad and don't seem to have affected the overall structural integrity of the unit so I'm not going to worry about it. The rest of the smoker is fine. I still have it in the shed because it's still raining but tomorrow I'll put it on the deck, fire it up to make sure the electronics weren't damaged when it got dented. If all is well I'll season it and start cooking Smiler

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