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Well,I know many of you were anxiously awaiting my report from the festivities,but like Mardi Gras ,between the huge parades,the marching bands,the rowdy crowds,the rolling police escorts,the open adult beverages in the streets,and the loss of short term memory from the associated beverages,we're just now able to put together a coherent report. Cool

Luckily, it peaked on a Wednesday,so we were able to break into the cable news cycle. Confused
I can't remember if beads were thrown from the crowds on the balconies for exposing body parts,but I'll check the press coverage. Eeker

Although there were many memorable events,I suppose pomp and circumstances peaked at the chain restaurant,TooJays Gourmet Deli.

The crowds were treated to the always traditional beef brisket sliders.Two mini- rolls topped with savory beef brisket,horseradish cream,a crunchy mini- potato pancake,and carmelized onions all for $8.

Whew,it will be hard to top this next year,but we have a full year to recover.

Until next year,this is your dedicated newshound signing out. Big Grin
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