Smoker set at 225 for 4 hours. After 1 hour temp got to 154 deg. Then the temp went down to 89deg. I shut down the amerique and started over again ...same result. I can't even season the oven. HELP
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Call the number for sales and they will connect you with service,as they do not monitor this forum.

They'll handle it.
There are too many variables to try to get you a quick answer, just call CS today and they'll help the quickest (and if it involves parts, they'll be the one shipping).

FYI, I moved this up from the archives to the Owners forum.

Call them,, let us know how it goes.
I will give them a call this morning. Thanks. Hope its not a big brisket and butt in the fridge and the family is looking at me like I owe them monie

Let us know what happened.

Good luck on the family, tell them GOOD barbecue requires patience.
Called CS and a new amerique is on its way. I will box up the old one. Mardi Gras is great this year ...hope to have some good Q for next Years Mardi Gras. Family opted for fried chicken.
1st amerique got picked up thursday evening. Its saturday and no word on the replacement. I hope it arives soon the family wants some Q. CS said its on the way!!

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