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It was my son's anniversary yesterday so we decided to go out for dinner. My son suggested a new BBQ Joint opened in his town...15 minutes from us in Lincoln, CA.

The place is called Double Barrel Smokehouse. We ordered the BBQ platter, which included chicken, sausage, pulled pork, loin back ribs and brisket with sides of cole slaw, mac/cheese, potato salad, and beans. We were all impressed with the results. Everything was tasty, moist, smoky, nice bark where needed. Great sides. Quality food. My son and I loved the sausage.

Dinner was very reasonably priced. $136 for dinner, drinks including 4 beers (2 Stella), and a couple desserts plus tip (20%+) for 8 of us. We were all stuffed and had leftovers boxed for home.

So I got to talking to the owner. His name is Monty, and his wife is Linda. Nice people. They're starting lunch next month, and I told them I'd bring my Tuesday lunch group so they could have some good Q.

When I asked Monty what smoker he had, I was pleasantly surprised he was using an FE 120. Told him I had a Cookshack, he got all excited and took me to the kitchen to show me his setup. The FE 120 cooks 24 hrs/day except Monday when they're closed. It was very well seasoned and smelled great. "After only a month", he told me he's "cooked 100's lbs of meat" with a big smile on his face, "and we haven't even had our grand opening yet".

What really impressed me was the restaurant had "zero" exposure, is tucked away on the second floor of what may once have been an office building converted to retail. No one could possibly know it's there, unless someone told them. And still you had to look for it. If I saw this location before it opened I would have labeled it "no way". Yet it was packed with cutomers by word of mouth after being opened for only a month.

Just goes to show you. Have quality and they will come. We're going back. I'm betting his Q prices will be going up.
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