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Just received my Amerique, seasoned it and had to go out of town for a couple days (BBQ torture). I am a refugee from an offset log burner. For butt on my offset, I would smoke @ 225 until internal temp hit 160, then sauce and foil until 190, then rest. Is it any different with a Cookshack ? How about time ? I usually use Sam's Club Butts that I think are in the 5-7 lb. range. Thanks for any advice.
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I don't have an Amerique either.But doesn't it have a probe and then a Hold cycle? I don't think you need to foil the butt. If you usually like to stop the cooking around 190 to let it rest there is no need to foil earlier at a lower temperature.
Foil shouldn't be necessary with the closed system of Amerique/CS. There are lots of recent postings about Amerique techniques.
It seems that most cook at 225 and tons of people use Sam's meats.
It is a moist cooking environment. No need to open the door to sauce and/or foil. You need to be sure and use the AmeriQue as it is intended with the probe and hold feature. Just insert the probe in the meat, set the cook temp you want, set the temp you want it to get to before it goes into hold mode which is 140*, shut the door, wait a few hours.

Just recently did a 9.89 lb butt on my Amerique.
Started @ 7:00 pm w/ smoker temp set to 225 and probe temp set to 190. Reached 190 @ 2:00pm for a total of 19 hours. Smoker went into hold mode @ 2:00 pm. Here's my hold temps:
3:00 pm smoker - 162 / probe - 184
4:00 pm smoker - 139 / probe - 166
5:00 pm smoker - 137 / probe - 154
6:00 pm smoker - 137 / probe - 145

Removed from AmeriQue @ 6:00 pm. (By the way GLH, this was the first time I opened the door)
Let rest on counter for 1/2 hour then pulled.

One terrific Que. Butt was tender and moist. One of the best butts I've done. The hold feature on the AmeriQue truly does work. No more foiling around.

I've cooked many pork butts on my Amerique and I never find a need to foil them. Just set your probe temp for the desired internal temperature and let the Amerique work it's magic. I have had my roasts ready as early as 5 hours before I need them and I found that the hold feature maintained them perfectly. I have learned to set the cook temperature and forget about it until it is done. Don't set too low and raise the heat way up to catch up,that will dry out your meat. Good luck and enjoy!!
I have cooked 2 butts in my 055. I put the but rub on, stick it in the 055, insert my digital probe, foil the bottom inside of the smoker, and the wood box lid, put 2 chunks of hickory in. Turn it up to 250, and wait for the but to reach 195. Take it out cover it in foil, and a towel let it set for 30min or more.

No pre foiling, turning, flipping or opening the door to check the progress just great Que.

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