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I received a Masterbuilt 30" electric for x-mas, did a couple 4 pound briskets which turned out real good for first time ever. Only problem I had was I couldnt get my chips to smoke. Soaked apple chips for 20 minutes and put in chip box and kept heat at 220 for 2 hours,checked box and they were dried out but thats all.I then put in some wet hickory chainsaw chips and put box directly on element and it did produce smoke. Should I always use the wood from chainsaw and directly on element or try again with the store bought chips which are bigger pieces and seem like they would produce better smoke longer. Any help greatly appreciated.
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I had the same smoker as you, before moving up to a Cookshack.
You should not use soaked wood chips at any time, makes for steam and white smoke which you don't want.
You have to be sure that the wood tray is touching the heat element, or else you will not get the wood to smolder at all.
Hope this helps a bit; welcome to the forum.
Oh, to solve the problem permanently, can i suggest another purchase? Maybe a Cookshack?
Keep in mind, you don't want to SEE a lot of smoke. White smoke, for us purists, is the dirty smoke. It's carrying off a lot of the particulates.

If you'll watch, it starts out white (especially if you wet them) then it starts to clear up.

It is still smoking as it burns up the chips, but it's clear / blue smoke.

Smoke is about taste, not what you see. If it tastes smoky it is. If it doesn't you'll need more wood.

Like they said, don't wet the wood.
Originally posted by westernny:
Thanks for the help everyone, gonna try a pork butt next.

Have a read in the PB forum, lots of good tips there.

One thing I wouldn't discount, buy a remote thermometer. You need to verify the internal temp, regardless of what it's telling you. Which I teach BBQ 101, I always ask "how do you KNOW what temp it is?" Don't trust the cheap therms most companies put on there larger volumen products (like yours, gas grills, etc)

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