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Congratulations. Best money ever spent. I have had mine for three years.
Here is a link to a thread all about inverters and batteries.
I bought a 500 watt inverter from Sams for around $30.00. It can also be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket. A deep cell battery from Sams is about $45.00. I use a small battery charger. (1.5 amp per hour automatic charger) I have run on battery power for more than 20 hours. My unit has the early digital readout.
Thanks for the answers, I have a million questions but I will try to go slow. However, where do you purchase the Fast Eddy pellets? I am in Kansas City, is the internet the best bet? Also, I know the cooker comes with 40lbs, can you tell me what flavor they are. Thanks again.

I run a true sine wave inverter after I had some problems with the Coleman inverters. It was kind of pricey but it is a Samlex inverter and it will run both of my FE's for 24+ hours on two Sam's Club Type 31 Deep Cycle batteries. I used to get a strange sound from the fan on the Coleman inverter and the FE just seemed to run different. I no longer have that problem with the Samlex.


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