Got my hands on a Model 105, former restraunt.
I cannot read the serial number, but the mfg. date is 1989. First time on the Forum, so not real sure how this works!
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Great cooker,and should last a lifetime.

You may be able to download the manual from the CS website.

If not,call sales and ask them for assistance.
Welcome Willy,

Are you needing to know how to run it, use it, general info like that?

First thing I would do is verify it's working and what temp. Set it at 250, let it go for an hour or so and verify the internal temp.

On a unit that old, about all I'd be worried about would be the heating elements.

Got any photos?

Tom & SmokinOkie: Thanks for the heds up. I looked and could not find a Operators manual on line so I will call today. I will take pictures once I get it standing tall. The heating element is loose. Thought I would take off the back cover over the weekend and see if it just needs tightning or is broken. In addition to a general cleaning, I think it has been in storage for several years, I was going to see if everything is working this weekend. By the way, what is the hood vent for? I assume it is to move the smoke away from the cooker, but seeing the smoke rise is half the fun of smokin!

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