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Hello All,
I recently got a CS025 for my birthday from my wonderful wife. I've had pretty good success with my first 3 smoking sessions and I'm now ready to try a PB. I've read a lot of this forum as well as the cookbook that came with the smoker but am a bit confused on the temp as well as the cooking time. Please forgive me if you have all covered these points 100 times... My PB is 4.68lbs, I'm planning on seasoning with the CS rib seasoning the night before smoking and then trying SmokinOkie's mop. So for that size PB how long and at what temp. If the internal temp stalls, is it necessary to increase the smoker temp or can I just ride it out? Again sorry if this has been covered repeatedly and thanks in advance for your help.

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When I do butts, I put a remote thermometer probe in them, set the smoker on 235*, and don't open the door until the internal temp of the meat is 195*. Then I take it out, wrap in foil, wrap in a towel, and rest it for at least an hour. If I need to hold it longer than that, I put the wrapped butt in a cooler, and fill the extra space w/ more towels. It will stay hot like that for at least 4 to 6 hrs.
Hi Bret and Welcome! Do what the bear says. At about 195 I insert the probe in several places to test for doneness. It should glide in easily. Be careful when you remove the roast, it may fall apart in your hands (gloves). I cook some to about 205 and some are done earlier. My CS 025 takes about 12-14 hours for that size roast. Good luck! You'll be an expert in no time.
Hey Brett!,

I'm with TheBear. I have gotten to the point that KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) is my motto. While I tend to get a little bigger PB and start it the night before on 200* after a short pack all the rub on it I can(2/3 rib rub and 1/3 chicken rub) and throw it in the smoker.

If I want it for lunch than I get up early,which I'm accustomed to, and turn up to 235-250*. If it is for supper than I take a little more time before turning it to 225,and finishing it off at the end with 250*,FTC.

This is not right or wrong, but just something that is SIMPLE for me. To each his own though!

The biggest thing is to go smoke one and take good notes as to what works and needs worked on. Hey it's a dang old PB so don't make it hard on yourself, keep it simple and have some FUN!

Good luck...

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