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Well gang, it's nice to know that all is well and normal in CS-ville and that this forum is not unlike a few others I monitor and participate in. Thanks to everyone for your comments. Hey, it's a smoker and in my mind, light and fluffy conversation is probably appropriate.

My first ribs just went in my brand spankin' new 025 and I'm anxious for the results.

Have a great day.
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Originally posted by AndyJ:
Make sure you use the toothpick test to check for doneness.

Hey Slimmy!, If you don't understand what Andy is talking about? Smokin' was kind enough to share his technique of telling proper cooking of ribs. You use a round wooden tooth pick and run it from front to back through the meat between the bones of the ribs. When it slides in and out like butter, the ribs are done.

Takes a couple practices, but I've found it works well.

Good luck on the rib cooking.
Here's a really good tip I use all the time that I got on this forum regarding ribs and toothpick test.

I don't remember who it came from, but it was one of the Master Cooks that regularly contribute to the forum, was when the toothpick passes easily throught the thin end of a rack of ribs, apply sauce if you want to sauce your ribs and about a half hour later the sauce will be set and the toothpick will pass easily through the thick end of the ribs.

When I took my KCBS CBJ course we were told that ribs are only perfectly done, by KCBS standards, for about 15 minutes. Earlier then that they are underdone and after that they are over done.

Know your rib weights, keep good notes, do the toothpick test, and you'll have ribs that will amaze all who dine at your table. Heck, you'll even amaze yourslf...I amaze myself with my CS Que all the time.
Originally posted by SmokinMAINEiac:

I don't remember who it came from, but it was one of the Master Cooks ...

It is I. When I first offered that, no one on the internet had heard of it, now it's everyone. Which is a good thing I guess.

Guess I should have written an e book with 'THE GUARANTEED STEP TO KNOWING WHEN RIBS ARE DONE' or something like that.

Nah, I like sharing Big Grin
Originally posted by Tom:
Not worth arguing over,but on long nights around the cook site,there would be a lot of questions about the CBJ class saying "only fifteen mins window for perfectly cooked".

Just a thought.

The "15 minute window of rib perfection" was a comment by the instructor. It wasn't in the course material.

Just wanted to clarify that.
Some of the comments made offhand by our instuctors somehow go on to be" law",is why I mentioned it.

Brisket slices should be 1/4 inch.

Brisket slice should break after a 3/8 in pull.

Brisket tastes great ,but is too tender,means overcooked.

Brisket is sliced more thin than a #2 pencil,means it was tough.

Chicken skin must be "bite thru".

Skin that doesn't bite thru means undercooked chicken.

Too much sauce means the cook is trying to hide something.

An acrid taste means the cook used lighter fluid as a starter.

Meat not pulled back from rib tips means undercooked.

You'll hear a bunch more that have been slightly embellished and take on a life of their own.

Just a couple of observations. Smiler
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