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Well I hate to go around talking to myself as usual..but..I did find out TQ in standard old timey marinade does just fine to make it red in the middle. Just replaced the standard Salt ration with an equal amount of TQ. Not exactly food porn but am real proud that a nice cop is letting me put up a jerky display in his highly fun beer joint..another old pal gave me the rack. My normal size bag is three oz..but he wanted some smaller sizes so made him up 8 three oz bags 4 one oz bags. Supposed to take it over there tomorrow. Yall did not realize I was such an industrious entrepreneur huh? Let us pray for the health goons to stay away and folks to buy it. Thanks.


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Man, that looks great. What's your cost/price point, if you don't mind me asking. I've thought of doing the same thing, but can't get over the USDA HAACP plan thing. I think If I could find a meat purveyor who could slice and cure/season and ship to my specs, I could do smoking in a food trailer (bbq with FEC) without too much hassle. Just would not be able to wholesale, I think. I've done about 500 pounds raw of jerky back when bugolgi-sliced Peeled Knuckle was 2.71 pp. I had a 3.1 yield and was selling 4 ounce bags for 5.00 faster than I could make them in Ziplock sandwich bags.
Not sure on all that cost stuff..I am an old PE I got lost on 6th grade fractions. So far I am usually finding the meat for less than 4 bucks a pound. Gave 2.99 for eye of rounds I just got on to soak. Those come from Restaurant Depot. I watch the Weds sales ads and most of the time one of the grocery chains has on something useable for around 3 buck. My little cheap vacuum marinator can do around 12 lbs of strips max at one time so I buy about that much at a time. That gives me 20-25 3 oz bags which I peddle for five bucks each. Yielding pretty much on the 3.1 ratio as you mentioned. I am working out of the commercial kitchen of a pal who owns a local bbq joint. I let him handle the legalese. My labels give the weight..ingredients..blah blah blah. Even have nutrition labels for those who like those. It take me 2 days of a little hard work (those eye or rounds are hard to shuck) and then another day of intermittent piddling around while it smokes itself. Part of day 3 to package it up. I am an old retired guy so dont figure my time is worth too much. The whole scheme is due to some nagging from some old high school chums about my lack of I am trying to get it down to where I can make enough to cover my bar tab and buy more meat. So far its coming pretty close to the goal. Hopefuly have a little left over to stuff in the Po Folks Box at the meeting house. lol

PS Edit: Ok just got back from the beer joint/pool hall and the dumb cop still had the goods in his office. Its been four days now. He is apparently a lazy cop. I am going by tomorrow and get it back. I cant lolligag around all day on this business. May turn it over to a fireman.
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Bigwheel or Joe or to whom it may concern. How much waste is there on Eye of Rounds when you have to clean them up for jerky use? Also, when you get them cleaned up, is there any internal fat or sinew? Bigwheel mentioned a 3:1 yield, I'm assuming that is from purchased weight to finished jerky. I'm just trying to compare it to the sirloin tip I'm using now.

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