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Does anyone know of a study or analysis done on smoked pork shoulder?

The nutrition labels are for the raw meat, prior to fat rendition, and most cooked guides I look up are skewed by included BBQ sauces, commercial brands that have additives, and information that seems off.

For example, when I see a guide that shows 5% fat loss for pulled pork, I question it. And by smoked, I mean ~15 hours for a pork butt @ 226 F.

I realize it changes depending on the source of the meat (how much fat does it start with, etc.) but I am looking for the "average".

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Realizing that smoked would not be the same as roast,but having had the opportunity to work smokehouse and open pits growing up,they could be close.

The pit master would do shoulders ,spare ribs,and turkeys to order for long three day weekends.He would toss in whatever you carried to him,wild game,grocery store bought,"road kill",etc for a fee, since the pit was running hickory all the time.

Cook temps would probably run around 200º-220º throughout the cook-depending on rain,cold,humidity,etc.Fats were well rendered and collagen broken down.

Meats weren't seasoned and he would fill your pint,quarts,and gal whiskey jugs with his basic red sauce from his pots for the price.

Just a thought.

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