At the start of my last cook the display indicated 'no probe'. If I removed and re-inserted the plug it would flash three different numbers where the probe temp should read (200, 74, 34), then it would read no probe. I was leaving for work so I lowered my cook temp and left. Nine hours later the probe was reading a temp, though slightly off according to my thermapen.

Called customer service and they sent out a new probe. As I have twice encountered this problem at the start of a cook, I took my new probe out to test it. I plugged it in and turned the unit on, and it read 67 degrees. Boiled a cup of water and took it outside, the Amerique probe and my thermapen agreed that the water was currently 196 degrees. Went to fetch an ice bath, lowered probe temp from 67 to 33. Looked good to me.

Stuck the probe in a thawing pork butt, took it outside to the already prepped unit for an overnight cook, plugged it in: 'no probe'. Set a lower temp, started the unit and went to bed. Nine hours later the probe is working and displays a reasonable temp.

I know that the cookshack folks don't monitor this forum, but it looks like I have repeated the same malfunction with two separate probes. Anyone had any similar experiences?
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I have the same experience as other's on this forum. When inserting the probe into cold meat, it reads "no probe". When the meat starts to heat, the temperature shows, and everything is fine. Mine starts to read around the low 40* area.

It seems like your probe is working as designed. Keep your eye on it for the next few smokes and enjoy your "Q's".
Most probes aren't set to read down near the freeze mark,as they figure you are below the 40* foodsafe points.

Hang in there and service will get it to your satisfaction.
Pags, you nailed it. In my calibration test, the probe started at 67 degrees and I took it down to 33 degrees. When I went to do my cook, I inserted the probe into a nearly frozen piece of meat and then attached it to the cookshack after the probe was cold.

Thank you for the reply. I would have missed the difference without it. I just now went out and confirmed that the pre-chilled probe reads 'no probe', but when I took it out of the ice and warmed it with my hand I started to get a reading. I'll pass this along to cookshack service on monday.
I had the same probe problems with my Amerique. I found the ground wire at the jack coming in contact when the probe was connected.I entered a topic in this forum at the time titled "Amerique probe problems". I removed the back of my smoker, moved the ground wire to the side, problem solved!!!

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