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Looks like is should be fine from what I've seen thus far on here.

Live in Northern WI, and started to season around 6 PM tonight. Temp was around 20* outside, but she got up to temp in a reasonable amount of time (couldn't exactly say how long, went inside to make dinner for the wife and I). Once up to temp, held steady between 225-228* when I went out and checked.

It's 14* outside right now & I couldn't help it, had to get some food out of it before I nod off. Happened to have some almonds lying around, so I'm trying out Pags' recipe for them.

Long-winded answer, but everything seems to be going fine here Smiler

Did give the element a little tug before the seasoning. Looks like the element is higher on the right side than the left by the way it's sitting. The wood seems to support that too. Glowing embers on the right side, not as much burning on the left. Wood is positioned in the front of the box, centered as close to the elements as I can.

Smoke's not as heavy as it was earlier, but we're going into hour 6 of it running. It's going to be some trial and error to get it right, but that's half the fun. Have fun "learning" tomorrow!

the smoker won't have issues. The same 800 degree insulation that works to keep the heat in, keeps the cold out.

The only issue I know is that some of the LCD displays won't display if it's really cold, but that's just the display, the smoker still works fine.

Oh, and keep the door closed as much as you can. If you open it for long, that cold air will have an effect.
These would be the grease cicles Tom's friend refers to I'm guessing.

Didn't get -30, but the brisket's been on since 11:30 PM, w/ a outside temp of about 10 above until the sun came up.

Set the CS to 225. Was at 194 w/ smoke in 30 min. 227 within an hour. 222-226 everytime i've checked since. No issues w/ the LCD.


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