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Hi everyone, Andrew Hayes here. (professional chef, Brisbane Australia) FEC240(2022)

Hello and thank you for this wonderful forum. i have been looking for an overnight brisket method that was suitable for our establishment(lunch times only). and i couldn't find a suitable method on the forum(one that starts their meat just after lunch 3pm ready for next lunch service), so i have spent the last 5 months getting this right and ill post it here.

This is a wrap, or no wrap method and the oven start time will be anytime between 2pm and 4pm with the brisket ready for 11am lunch service the next day. our chefs start at 7am and work till 3/4pm.

(both wrap and no wrap work, but wrapping works a little better with less shrinkage and the wrapping isnt untill 5-7am the next morning)

this is tried and tested and works well for those businesses who cant start their brisket at 9pm or 10pm at night.

Note: the pork collar butt(no bone like the boston butt) works but gets a little too much skin if not wrapped in the morning.

Here goes:

try it and if you have any other thoughts or additions on timings and temperature that you know please add comments

Cookshack FEC240 Pellet Smoker


Program Settings:

          -PROBE BUTTON: PROBE, ok, 198 degF, ok.

          -SMOKE BUTTON: 172 degF, 8hr,ok. (for 3 briskets; every other brisket take 30min off smk time)

          -COOK BUTTON: 260 degF, ok.(adjust to a higher temp if the cooker is more than half full)

          -REST: 142 degF, ok.


1: -VITALLY IMPORTANT: clean out ash pot with vacuum.

2: place small piece of Pecan wood into smoke enhancer tray and place on fire pot.

3: fill hopper with pellets


-Fill water bath on bottom shelf

-Place brisket in a G/N tray on a cake rack. Put on 2nd bottom shelf

-Place pork butts in a G/N tray on a cake rack. Put on 3rd bottom shelf.

-Insert probe into center of brisket.

-close door.

5: press START(check after 5 mins to see if there is fire in fire box)


-start oven at 4:30pm, no later)

-cooking overnight

-7am next morning wrap meats and re-insert probe into brisket.

-cook will automatically turn to REST MODE when probe gets to 92.

-rest for 2 hours(preferably in an esky/cooler. meat will be ready for 11am.

ok guys there it is. good luck and let me know if you have the same success with this.

Andrew Hayes.

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I have been doing a 24 hour brisket smoke for years in my SMO66.  I usually do not wrap but I have recently seen some videos where they are using the rendered down fat from the brisket trimmings poured on peach butcher paper before they wrap the brisket.  They put the pan with the trimmings in the smoker to do the rendering.   I think I will give this method a try the next time I do briskets.  I also try to get a minimum of 4 hours rest in the cooler.  I go by meat temps but use the probe method starting at 195 degrees internal meat temp.  When the probe goes into the brisket and feels like it is going through warm butter the brisket is done.  I have had brisket that probes done at 195 degrees but have had them go all the way to 215 degrees before they probed done.  Do a search in the brisket section of this site and you will find many ways to do brisket. 

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