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I am in charge of a rehersal dinner for about 25 guests. I have a couple of questions on what I should do. First, I have to smoke at home and the party is 250 miles away. How do I go about doing this? Do I cook at home, refrigerate, and warm up before the party and pull then. How do I keep it moist in a roaster? And my final question for now is I figure about 4 eight to ten pound butt. Is that a reasonable guess. This site is great, I read it all the time and have learned everything I know about smoking here, but do need some more advice. Thanks
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250 miles is at least a four hour trip, and you can't time the meat to make it come out of the smoker on schedule; it'll be done when it's done.

It's easiest to pull when the meat is still hot and before refrigerating it. I would cook it, pull it into foil pans, add a little of some kind of sauce to help keep it moist, cover the pans in foil, and then refrigerate it until it is good and cold. Transport it in an ice chest sitting on ice to keep it cold (think food safety, you want it below 40). Then reheat it in the pans when you get there.

Food safety is the main thing. Cook early enough that you can give it 8 to 12 hours in the refrigerator at home before you travel to make sure it is good and cold.

I'd do four 8 or 9 pound boneless butts and risk having waste than risk not having enough.

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I would smoke right before and FTC, in a prewarmed cooler, it will stay warm 4-8 hrs with no problem and pull at the sight. It won't dry out this way.

I assume you will have side dishes? PBs will render down to where you have 50% lose in weight, so 16-20lbs of finished meat sounds like a lot.Most would say 5ozs/ sandwich would be a good goal.

Good luck to ya and let us know how it worked out!
Lots of options, timing is the biggest issue.

As Skip said, think food safety.

You need to figure out is how long before you leave will they be done?

Can you reheat on site or not?

If possible, I don't like to pull, sauce and then reheat because the quality suffers, but if that's the option you have to go with, then it works. I've got my timing down and what I would do is pull off within an hour of leaving, FTC (Foil Towel Cooler) and put them in the smallest cooler I have. When I do 4 or more, they'll stay hot for over 6 hours. Of course, I'll use a fancy Cambro most of the time, but a good cooler works too.

Without having done this before, make it easy on yourself and go with Skips plan (and for sauce, I don't like to sauce heavy with BBQ Sauce, I like to add S.O. Sauce since it's a little thinner)

There are two, listed near the top of the recipe forum or in PB 101.
Hey, thank you for the responses. I am going to go with Skip's plan and have it pulled when it is hot and put in foil and refrigerate it the day before and add a little sauce to it and reheat it the next day. I will have no problems keeping it cold. I have made quite a bit of pulled pork, but I am going to try something new using the apple baste in the Pork Butt 101 section. Thanks again for the replies.
Just got back from the wedding and the pork was a great success. I followed Skip's plan and was a little nervous putting the finishing sauce on because I hate to try new things with a bunch of people I don't know real well. Well, the sauce not only kept it moist, but added to the flavor. I want to thank you guys for making my dinner a smashing success.

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