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I just bought Paul Kirk's book Championship Barbecue. It seems like an outstanding book that I find myself drawn to in much the same way I am drawn to my finished product.

He spends an entire section of the book with different recipes for a mustard slather, which he likes to put on before the rub. He doesn't specifically reference this in his more detailed recipes, so I'm not really sure if his recommendation of a slather can apply to everything.

How many of you have had experience with this technique? Any feedback is appreciated.

I'm doing a pork butt this weekend for a block party. I have used the Renowned Mr. Brown recipe from Smoke and Spice in the past with much success.
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The only experience I have had with mustard slathers, is when I prepare my Boston Butt in my smokette...before applying the rub, I will spread mustard all over the butt. The mustard in turn will keep the rub on the butt instead of most of it falling off. There have been a couple of comments on this forum that the mustard also helps tenderize the meat , but I'm not sure about that. I have had good results using this method with butts and ribs....good luck.
Originally posted by prisonchef313:
[qb] nysmoker,
for what it is worth at the ockeechobee contest i gave the mustard slather a try and it came from paul's book. i used my own rub. we got the peoples choice award for pork down there and came back with 150 bucks. needless to say i am still using it!!
jack [/qb]
Suffice it to say, an endorsement like that is worth quite a bit. Which slather did you use?
here is the exact recipe that i am using and used at that contest
4 c yellow mustard
1 c orange juice
1 c granulated sugar
4 T dried orange peel
4 T navy rum ( i use cruzan made from molasses really heavy and dark but it does go well with pepsi)
4 tsp granulated garlic
4 tsp ground black pepper

2 tsp ground celery seed
2 tsp kosher salt

put everything in a pot and simmer long enough to return it to the consistancy of prepared yellow mustard. let cool before using

hope it helps
You guys are awesome and thanks for all the help. Up in my neck of the woods here in the NY metro area, the novelty effect would be enough to impress folks, that is until they taste the Q. Then they realize that it's not all just fun and games, it's about some seriously good food. I'm only cooking one butt this weekend and I'm going with the mustard slather.

This is a bit off topic, but in my Q culinary journey I have landed on one recipe for dry rub spare ribs from the Smoke and Spice book (I think there is only one in there) that is the best product that I have produced. The higher fat content of the spare ribs pairs really well with a dry rub and this particular recipe produces a nice crisp outer layer with some fire in the flavor. For guests of mine that like some spice, it's a can't miss.
Thanks Tom,

Mustard slather is one of those "techniques" that like you said nysmoker, is a novelty. I don't think there is enough vinegar or flavor in the mustard itself to change a basic rub into something.


as Tom said, try two side by side and have others do a blind taste test and see if they notice a difference.

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