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Almost exclusively grilling. I am getting the Amerique delivered today for smoking!

I am looking at a replacement for my natural gas grills. I've had a number of different brands and styles. They all start out okay, but because of the heavy use become pretty much worthless after a couple of years. They also don't impart the wood flavor that I would like. And, they really don't get as hot as I would prefer.

As you know I am also interested in the CS Charbroiler to replace my aging Ducane Gasser. It is 24" wide on the grill which suits my needs MOST of the time. However, sometimes when I grill veggies, I have to do several batches. So I am torn between the 24" or the 36". I am leaning toward the 36", but I was wondering if you could use either side indepently (i.e. the 12" on the side with one controller and fire pot OR the 24" side with the other controller and 2 fire pots.

What about the slide out trays, I read somewhere that you add water to these. Is that true and how is clean up. Is it similar to the FEC?? Many questions I know.
For a grill?

I love the CB. I've used it about 5 times.

As far as wood flavor over gas, they both work. The FEPG has a pretty small direct grill, so I prefer the CB as a grill. I'll use the FEPG when I'm only cooking a few items.

Wood flavor? First time I cooked on it, Mrs. Smokin' didn't know it was wood and she noticed a flavor difference (she thought I might still be using my old gasser).

The way this is set up the left controller controls the left and middle fire pots and the right controller controls that pot (on the 36" version).

I haven't fully tested on H/M/L what the temps are as most of my grilling has been on high. So you don't have infinitely variable temps, just the three settings.

I've temped with an infrared on High and had it running near 650. Not bad on 100% wood.

The removable trays are to give any ash a place to settle and stick and a place for grease to drip if you have much. You do have to refil them with water if you're running it on high.

Let the temp get up and the cast iron grates get super hot and give great grill marks.

For clean up I just run it on high for 15 min or so and then brush the food off the grates.

Points I need to test.

1. Pellets. You'll burn up a lot of pellets on high. I haven't tested it/weighed what I used but the hopper holds plenty.

2. Weather. There isn't a cover "yet" and I know they're working on it. I did have a light cover on mine and did have some water get to my pellets and thus I had a case of pellet crete. I took my grill cover and put it over the CB so I wouldn't have a repeat. As most of these are in restaurants, I've emailed CS and told them about this, expect a resolution soon from Stuart.

3. Temps. Want to try all settings and do a temp mapping on the grill to see where the hot spots are.

More questions? I'll be happy to test something for you this weekend Smiler
Thanks for the update, looking forward to the test results this weekend. I really like what I hear about this unit, but it appears this is still a fairly new product with limited long term usage results.

My concern is what I purchase has to work well, and for a long time. I am a little concerned regarding pellet usage, and how much it would cost to run this vs. other grills.

Also if Ms. Smokin could not taste the difference between the CB and a gasser, that has to mean something.

Anyway still interested, like what I'm hearing, pics of the weekend test results will be nice. How about a video from start to finish.

Thanks for doing a great job with this forum, between this and my 066, I am probably going to get fired.

Thanks for all the info, it really is a big help.
A couple of questions:

If the pellets do get wet, can they be removed and dried, or are they history?

Also, can the CB be built-in to an outdoor kitchen? Is there any access needed other than from the front?

What is the power draw required for the CB? (Never mind-found that info on the website).

I would love to see some pics and results if you can post them.

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I sometimes use my old Webber charcoal grill to do maybe 15 to 20 pieces of chicken instead of my FE.What I do to get a smoke flavour is to add about 1 cup of pellets in a wood chip holder then I wet them with about 2 thirds of a cup of water.They swell up like crazy in a few minutes. Then I put the wood chip holder on the hot coals and cook the chicken indirectly...great I always use my pellets when they are wet in my Webber...they do keep their flavour as well.
Originally posted by Cook One:
... looking forward to the test results this weekend...

The list above is what I need to test, but it won't be this weekend. Too much to do around the deck.

Keep the questions coming and I'll try to work on them when I can, just realize that summer's a busy time for testing/esperiments. Too much fun to go around.

Not sure what we're cooking next but I'll take more photos.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
First time I cooked on it, Mrs. Smokin' didn't know it was wood and she noticed a flavor difference (she thought I might still be using my old gasser).

I take it the infusion of wood smoke is minimal?

I've kicked around, more than once, the idea of replacing my gas fired char broiler at the restaurant with a CS CB. One concern is the cost of running a 36" unit on high, 5 hrs @ night. Second, my presumption is that very little residual smoke is available with temps running 600 o +

It's a great looking unit and no doubt, built like a tank. Just wondering about the smoke end of it, flavor wise.


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