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Well I finally ordered some spices from Penzeys ( make my own rub, WOW I can't believe how FRESH and STRONG the spices are compared to grocery store bought spices, OR pre packaged rubs!! They aren't cheap though!

Here's what I used:

2 TBSP Hungarian Paprika
2 TBSP Chile Powder
1-2 tsp Cayenne
2 TBSP granulated garlic
2 TBSP brown sugar
1 TBSP ground cumin
1 TBSP dry mustard
1/4 cup salt
1 TBSP fresh ground pepper
1 TBSP ground Chipotle pepper powder

This is loosely taken from The Complete Meat Cookbook by Aidells and Kelly--I leave out the Oregano because I hate it.

Warning, this was very HOT--hotter than I thought it would be.

I tripled this recipe and it filled a large canning jar about 3/4. I then vacu-sealed and put in the fridge. Put the leftover spices in small canning jars, sealed and put in the fridge too.

Another tip: My brown sugar was a bit chunky, so I put it in the food processor, and then sifted..ended up as fine as table sugar and made a very pro looking rub..

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Hi Roger,I started using Penzey's years ago and agree with you,but I have always found them to be consistent.I wonder about some of the minor,or trace spices in a lot of these recipes and wonder after slow,low and long exposure to heat if they are effective at all.Might be an idea for a new thread.Whatcha think,Smokin'

Good Q 2 Ya,Tom.
Awesome Roger!

Thanks for the post. I really hope others will post their favorites as well.

I've used Penzey's (if you looked close at my spice photo you might recognize some).

I've tried a few other spice companies and I can post some URL's if anyone is interested in other spice sites.

I think that's a great book also, I learned more than a little about meat from it.

Hope you'll join the forum (see you're unregistered and that's okay too, you're welcome any time).

Smokin Okie
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Hey Tom, if you have an idea or a question you want to post, like the one about spices, feel free to post. I would suggest any time to start a new one so the responses don't get lost in the sub-threads of a different post.

I'm big on using fresh spices.

My tip.

Get an old coffee grinder and use it to regrind your spices when you use them. It tends to "open up" the flavors after they've been sitting in a container. I always do that before I throw a rub on the ribs or anything.

Smokin Okie
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Thanks for registering.

What are you wanting to use it for?

I've used CharCrust a lot, for it's original purpose. I've taken several of the flavors and used them for steaks. For those that haven't heard of it, it's a "rub" but they add enough stuff (like brown sugar) to create a crust. The idea is that the crust keeps the juices in.

One thing to remember, their idea is that high heat (like a grill) will seal in the juices, basically carmalizing the spices. I don't know if low and slow will allow the juices to come out and run off before the char crust seals it and thus taking the char crust with it.

Welcome again,

Smokin Okie
It's done when it's done
Cookshack BBQ Guide Page

Good point, I actually will GRILL with it as advertised..I ordered the variety pack to try. FYI, they have added two new flavors--a Teryiaki and another one...that of course I can't remember the name of! I'll tell ya when it gets here! Not to get too far away from our intended CS topics here, but does anyone have a favorite source of mail order prime beef? I am close to Omaha Steaks, but you'll notice they never say their meat is prime--but they sure charge like it is! I love the looks of the bone in ribeye from Allen Brothers--at $18/20 oz. they're pricey, but every once in while.....also, I'd rather cook my own than pay $35 at Ruths Chris or the like...

Hey RogerNE!!

I would stay away from Omaha and others like it. They are NOT you said....otherwise it would be splattered over everything! The USDA is very strict about those, those who have prime usually advertise the heck out of it.

I have won their steaks in various sales contests and beleive me, they are NOT that good. I can get a better steak from my local butcher. Plus, like you say....priced outrageously! I just did a pricing for one of my recipe boards and all I remember is $17/lb. for NY strip and $26/lb. for filets. That is simply too much for non-prime meat. Also, that does NOT include shipping!!

As you know, prime is near impossible to get for us retail guys....all the best stuff goes overseas and to restaurants...dosen't leave us much to pick from. I usually have to ask and then, more times than not, am told...forget it!

I know the bigger cities can get it....I usually buy in Chicago, but it is pretty rare I do that.

The reason steaks taste so good at the steakhouses is because they cook them at 1700�!! They use what is called a Salamander. It is heated by some type of ceramic unit and is really the only true way to sear meat.

Good Luck....let us know what you find!

Stogie--interesting on the salamander...I'm curious about the surface temp of a grill using lump charcoal--I would have thought the temp would get closer to a thousand degrees--but of course I've never checked! Allen Brothers is definately prime--four bone in ribeyes, 18-20 OZ for $100. Prime close trim fillets are around $50/lb, and choice are $35/lb...


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