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So, I have a friend who loves to smoke brisket and other meats (who doesn't!). He has an electric masterbuilt. I used to have one too actually. I eventually got the Pg500 a few years ago and have loved it. During these last  few years I have noticed his interest in my unit. Unfortunately he and his wife aren't able to ever afford one so I was thinking about giving him mine and upgrading to the Pg1000 OR maybe something else. Sorry if that was a little too much backstory!

Anyway I will be getting a new smoker and I honestly want to know ya'll opinion on whether I should stick with another pellet smoker or make the leap to normal wood smokers. Do they really produce that much more flavorful meat? I've had good success with my PG500? I know ignorance is bliss but am I missing out on getting something else. I've briefly read on the Ameicanque which is electric. I think I read that it can impart a really good smoke flavor which is surprising to me. My electric masterbuilt was never that impressive in the smoking. It used small wooden chips that you would either soak in water before hand or not.

Anyway I will be upgrading to the PG1000 or something else I guess. The PG1000 I read has a more sealed chamber. Don't know if that matters or not.  I've also seen the FEC100 but that's 5k. A little too much for me to spend.  Also does Cookshack have specials sometimes? Do they give discounts for repeat customers?  

Thanks all!

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When I first got my Amerique about 7 years ago, one of my first cooks was a rack of St. Louis style spare ribs. I like a good smoke flavor, so I added what seemed to be a decent, but not excessive amount - 4 oz (I know that seems like a tiny amount, but the AQ is very efficient with wood). The ribs were so smoky and bitter that I couldn't eat them. Now I use about 2 - 2 1/4 oz when I smoke ribs. I don't think you'll ever wish for the ability to get more smoke flavor with an Amerique. Hope that helps your decision.

I have both FEC 100 and FEPG 1000. The FEC is a dedicated smoker and probably overkill for most people.  It's great to do large cooks (10 pork butts/18 racks of ribs) but you can't grill with it.  You will need a second unit to grill.

The FEPG can smoke and grill small quantities. It will work just like your FEPG 500 but use less pellets because it is insulated. With direct and indirect options, it is more versatile than other big box store smokers. 

Electrics will give you plenty of smoke but don't give as good bark and smoke ring.

Wood/Charcoal are inefficient and more labor intensive.  I know guys that compete on wood and use pellets at home.

Good luck on your journey!


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