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Originally posted by New2smoker:
Does the grill speed up cooking and is dry more of a problem. I already plan a 48 hr brine.

I've not done one on the grill yet, but would think a drier environment would be helpful with a brined turkey. I do know the ability to have a higher finishing cooker temp can't be anything but helpful to the skin.

The top down cooking of the PG500 may need to be addressed with smoking a turkey?
Cook's Illustrated recommends that after brining, you leave the turkey in the fridge uncovered over night to dry the skin so that the it will brown nicely without requiring higher temperatures.

The 'top-down' air-flow of the PG500 could dry out the turkey. Convection oven makers recommend cooking turkey at 300 degrees and report that it takes about 20% less time (assuming that it is unstuffed).

Unsure how this will work with the PG500. One question is will it require additional humidity while cooking? Will 300 degrees be hot enough for brown skin and will it cook without drying the meat?
Did a 'splotchcocked' 13 lb bird two days ago.

Brined for 36 hrs
'Smoked' at 200 for 30 mins, then
Cooked at 280 (looking for 325 in zone 3) for 2 hrs
Pulled when temp in thigh was 172
15 mins of rest then carved

Definitely a good=>great bird

1) We removed the keel (sternum) from the bird, this left the breast sort of 'loose' and I was grateful for my PVC cooking gloves in placing the bird in zone 3
2) Breast was so loose (only attached to the thigh), that I couldn't find a spot that I thought was representative of the whole. So I just stuck it in the thigh. (After the fact I confirmed the breast was 165 with the thermopen).
3) Laid out flat, we were able to get herb butter under the skin over the thighs and even part of the drum sticks. Made for tasty dark meat.

The reason for the short smoke and quick cook is that we got started very late and needed to get it done.

Conclusion: Perhaps we were just very lucky, but that was the best last minute bird we have ever had. We will definitely do this again. Cooking in zone 3 with a pan in zone 4 to catch dripping worked out well.

Just our experience, yours may vary!
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Did a 20 pounder for T-day
•Injected with one bottle of Cajun butter.
•Liberal coating of kosher salt in the cavity
•Liberal coating of kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper and Tone’s Tuscan Chicken Blend on the out side
•Pre-heated PG500 to 325 degrees F using mixture of hickory and cherry
•Allowed bird to rest for 1 hour
•Placed in pan (gotta catch all that good stuff for gravy) with a rack
•Placed in smoker on far right side of zone 4
•Rotated 90 degrees every hour while monitoring the color
•After 4th rotation, did an internal check and found breast at 160 and thighs at 150 to 158 but good color.
•Covered with aluminum foil and raised temp to 375 degrees F
•Checked internal temps after one hour and found 165 in breast and 162 in thighs
•Removed from smoker, placed on sheet pan covered and allowed to rest for 45 minutes prior to cutting (during the rest period the thighs finished cooking)
•Reduced pan drippings down to 1/10th volume, made a medium blond rue and then added turkey stock and adjusted seasoning.
Turkey was well received by all and it had a slight smoky flavor. Breast and thighs had good moisture content and the sandwiches and al-a-king with biscuits a big hit later.

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