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I think the best way to smoke these babies is with them lil' bitty papers that are so abundant around these parts, anymore.

Actually found $1.00 rib eye beef steaks at Dollar Tree. Seen 'em for a while, finally had to see what they were like.

Well, fer a buck- ya git 3.5 oz frozen rib eyes with "up to" 30% (yes thirty percent) solution.
USDA Inspected- no more than 1/4 inch thick for a good chunk.

After it's thawed, ya already lost 4/10th of an ounce to thawing (now 3.1 ounces)

Package says "Don't under cook"- not sure how you could unless you're cooking with matches.

Well, NOTHING like I've ever eaten- certainly didn't taste like rib eye. Pretty chewy, despite the 30 % solution. Average COOKED weight about 1.8 ounces- those 5 steaks equaled just a smidgen over 1/2 pound.

Just thought ya all'ed like a good laugh. Gotta try just about anything ONCE. Hope every body has a blessed day.
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OK, now I think I'm hacked off.

I'm not much of a math whiz, but after a start of 3.5 ounces of "steak" at $1.00/3.5 ounces- I got 17.5 ounces of "meat".(and lots of "solution"

Not too bad- steak for about $5.00 per pound.

After cooking my yield was a total of 8.9 ounces (yeah, I weighed every one- I think I learned that from Smokin') still at $5.00 so now my cost of "meat" became 56 cents per ounce. Times 16 ounces makes $8.96 per pound.

Damn- I coulda had a half-way decent steak for that amount. Sometimes ya don't really get what you pay for.

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