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Seems to be kind of slow around here lately. So how about some smoked meatloaf pr0n. You know you want to make it. Smoked meatloaf is awesome.

Gathered up all the ingredients. I hardly ever follow the exact same recipe, but I keep it close. This time I used a few carrot sticks I had in the fridge, a medium onion, 3 hot and 1 mild Hatch chili, 3 huge cloves of garlic, one egg, 2/3 cup panko bread crumbs, 1/4 cup Dale's seasoning, 1/4 cup of Yes Dear Red Sauce, 3 good splashes of Worcestershire, 2 TBS Peppered Cow, 2.75lbs. ground chuck & 2lbs. ground pork.

Mix it up good to distribute everything, but don't over work the meat or you'll end up with a dense mass of meat which isn't very tasty. Sorry mom, RIP, your meatloaf was horrendous.

Grab a small piece of parchment paper and line a loaf pan. Makes for easy removal.

Ended up with a little too much meat, so there will be extra leftovers. YUM!

Pop them out onto a frogmat and into the FEC.

Smoked at 325 for about an hour, then gave them a glaze with some more Yes Dear Red Sauce. The sauce is a little thinner than most, so I gave them a couple coats as they cooked.

Plated with some mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy.

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Great job! Nice tip on the parchment paper. Never thought of that. My temp is 250 on my meatloaf. Gives it just a bit more smoke, which we like. Might have to try the 325 sometime.

We were discussing our "last meal on earth" at a family gathering this weekend. My wife and son both said my smoked meatloaf. Which caused quite the stir among other family members who have never had smoked meatloaf.

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