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Hello all! Haven't posted in a while, just lurking and keeping up with the forum. Been busy at work and Smokin' as much as I can. I have been smoking a lot of beef, A LOT of Smokin' Okie's short ribs slabs and prime rib. I have cooked prime rib for years, but I feel that I have finally dialed it in for me with my FEC100. I have been using Montreal Stek seasoning and cooking at 195*. I pull at ~110* and temp coasts up to 120*-125* during rest. The roast is pink all the way from center to edge of roast. So guess what is on the menu for Memorial Day, with GREAT leftovers for several days!! Along with a big tray of grilled veggies! Thanks to all and this forum as it continues to advance my smoking adventures!! If I can I will try to post pics from this weekend.
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Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
thanks Mike,

It's fun when you have it dialed in. Look forward to the photos.

Well I took some pictures of the latest cook. I was hungry so I took the pictures with my iPhone instead of getting the good camera out, so excuse the poor quality and my finger on the sliced image Roll Eyes.......

All rested and ready for slicing...

All sliced.....

Grilled squash, vidalia onions, zucchini, portobello mushrooms, & asparagus but I forgot the eggplant.....

Fresh corn.....

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