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Just a quiet day at home today.

Smoked a prime rib for dinner.

6 # prime rib
3 TBSP Rosemary
3 TBSP Thyme
3 TBSP Chopped Garlic
2 TBSP Salt
2 TBSP Coarse Black Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a paste of the above

Rubbed entire roast with the above mixture
Smoked in SMO45 at 225 degrees about 3 hours to 110 degrees IT with 2 ounces mesquite
at 110 degrees switched to 500 degree oven for reverse sear for 25 minutes- brought roast to 125 degrees IT
Let rest 15 minutes- IT to 134 degrees.

Great result.

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Smoked two pork butts and eight racks of x in-laws whom I have not seen in three years came over to me congradulating me and telling me how happy they are to see me...hmmmmm......

Voted Rib King

Used my new SM160 overall smoke on ribs 6 hours
using foil after 4 hours, along with maple and brown suger and tiger sauce....

Pork Butts...each 8lbs using cookshack rib and chicken rub and spraying apple juice ever 11/2 hours.....
Originally posted by Chaplain Bill:
Q. Thanks for posting. The best looking prime rib I've ever seen. Tell me about the cut. Where did you acquire it and how much per pound did it set you back? Was it USDA prime or high-end choice. Looks great!!!!

Thanks go out to my butcher. Told him I wanted a good prime rib- he chose this hunk for me. Originally about 12 pounds- cut several rib eyes off it and grilled. This chunk I saved for the roast- USDA choice, but nicely enough marbled to be prime. was just under $9.00 per pound. For my next trick want to try bone-in prime rib. The butcher had already cut out his rib eyes or that's what you'd be liking at.
Back in the good old days..Winn Dixie would run the Choice grade bone in models on special for 2.99..normal 4.99 or thereabouts. We aint much on big bloody roasts so...I always just cut off the ribs and cut up thick steaks. Normally get 15 or so nice ones on a big hunk. Everybody loved me and we ate the smoked ribs down the road a week or two. Now talk about good ribs..wowser.

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