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Decided to try some faux burnt ends. Threw a couple of Chuckies in the FEC, one rubbed with Oakridge Black Ops brisket rub and the other with #porkmafia Texas Gold. 180 for a couple hours to get some extra smoke then bumped up to 250.

Threw some peach beans in after a few hours.

Took one of the chuckies out when it hit 160, cubed it, added some more rub and back in for a few more hours.

Added some sauce and let it set for about 20 minutes.

Turned out pretty good, not as good as brisket burnt ends, but pretty darned tasty none the less. A side of the peach BBQ beans & Carolina slaw to round things out.

Pulled came out great as well. I see BBQ sammiches & tacos in my future.

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That's the recipe I used to start with. I now use 4-5 15oz cans of beans rinsed & drained, I like to use a mixture of different beans, this batch was black beans, pinto, red & great northern. And I use sliced peaches in heavy syrup instead of the pie filling. Also in addition to all the other ingredients I add a few garlic cloves, jalapeno or two and a 1/2 cup brown sugar & some bourbon. I don't bother sweating the veggies in a skillet, I just dice everything up and throw everything in a half pan and into the smoker for about 3 hours.

Sometimes I'll add in whatever leftover meat I have on hand, bacon, brisket, pulled pork etc.
Originally posted by AndyJ:
Originally posted by Pags:
The burnt ends look tasty and easy enough to do. Would you do again? I'd give it a try.

Just a little bit on the dry side, think I may have let them go just a bit too long. But very good beef taste. Yep, I'll be trying them again.

You might try braising for a little while after you cube em and got some smoke on them.

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