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Had a crowd over today, figured wings would be easy. Marinated about 8lbs of wings in some Moore's wing sauce and some Franks's hot sauce for about 3 hours, then sprinkled with some of MaxQ's Spicy Chicken Rub.

Into the SM020 for about 90 minutes at 275 with a chunk of maple & a chunk of apple. A coat of Gringo Jack's Maple BBQ sauce and into a smokin hot 500* oven for about 5 minutes to crisp up the skin. What no grill? Nope, I discovered that my grill has died over the winter, time to buy a new one. It lasted 15 years.

A side of smoked corn on the cob slathered with butter mixed with MaxQ's Rib Rub.

GONE! Should have cooked 12lbs.!
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Dang they look perfect and am sure they tasted great. Nice color.

Last couple times I've done wings I did KISS. Lazy I guess. Simply smoked the wings then dusted them with my Memphis rib rub. They were delicious but not nearly as good looking. By the way, the rub is also good on ribs. Smiler

Thanks for posting your work of art.
Dang yes..this is all coming back now. Only bar I ever been kicked out of as a child was one in Lawton..when I could not afford to buy another beer..sniff sniff. Contrary to published reports the weak Okie beer can make folks pretty Hey not tell us do them wings ever need to be flipped? I got tricked into cooking a big wad of leg quarters one time and I flipped each one about 20 times. It was like cooking a big box of tinker toys. Way too many individual parts of parts ect. Drove me nuts. I refuse to cook any avian chunks smaller than halves nowadays. Only cheap skates ask folks to cook parts. Then he brought them out froze solid. It just aint fair. I also dont do spatchcocking. It just dont sound nice huh?

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