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What's everyone planning to smoke for Easter? Share your plans with the group. If you'd like to share your recipe/procedure even better. Pictures...better yet.

Well. We're having Boar's Head Brown Sugar Glazed Ham (very lean), and what goes better with ham than a batch of barbecued baked beans...Pags style (notched up from Smokin's BBQ Baked Beans--a delight in its own right). I just take precooked beans, include stuff and throw it into the smoker to add that great smoke flavor.

So I thought I'd share the recipe...varied from previous submissions. I've seen more complicated recipes, but the simplicity of this one produces a great return for your effort.

1 can Bush's Baked Beans, drained (can use others like Van Camps, key is roughly 120 oz)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup molasses
1/2 cup+ pure maple syrup (as in real maple syrup)
1/3 cup chopped onion (I rehydrated dehydrated onions)
1/2 cup BBQ sauce (I used Kinder's Mild)
1/3 cup yellow mustard (maybe a tad more)
3 TBL preminced garlic (heaping tablespoons and a little bit of the juices too)
1/2 cup Jack Daniels (take a sip to make sure it's OK)
1.5 lbs smoked pulled pork (left from previous dinner)

Here they are ready for the smoker.

Not bad for a camera phone...IPhone, automatically synced with MacPro, drag picture to Photobucket, copy and insert image here. Couldn't be easier.

I threw all the ingredients into 2 disposable aluminum pans (one wasn't enough and 2 pans allows more smoke to get to the beans), mixed thoroughly, and into a smoker set at 200* for 4 hrs. A chunk of hickory split into 3 pieces and a pouch of hickory pellets. Mix the beans every hour. That's it.

Will add finished picture here later.

OK. It's started. Let's hear what's happening in a smoker near you this weekend.
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Thanks Pags,

I have two prime ribs in the frig for an evening of Montreal steak seasoning, Kosher salt, zesty garlic seasoning, and a good soaking of lea and perrins worcestershire sauce. They are wrapped in foil until the morning.

Oh, one is a long end CAB boneless roast and mine is a short end retied rib roast... Cool

Will take some pics in the morning...happy Easter everyone!!!
Those beans look great. I used a variation of your recipe a while back. I think I will follow it again soon.

I have a Turkey that's been in brine for 48 hours. I just can't decide between the PG500 or the SM025. I am leaning towards the SM025 because I have practiced with good results. I am worried the PG500 is a much drier environment. Will take photos and post.
Padre. We were going to do a turkey and wound up with ham due to a brain fart on my part. I set out a nice large turkey breast to thaw a couple hours before putting it in the fridge to finish thawing. Planned to brine.

I left it in a conspicuous spot so I wouldn't forget it. Mrs. Pags moved it out of the way to work in the kitchen. We left for the rest of the day, came home and went to bed. I'm sleeping soundly. At 3 AM, my eyes shot open, I jumped out of bed, went into the kitchen, couldn't find the bird in the spot I left it, and thought Mrs Pags put it in the fridge. Wasn't there, then I saw it tucked away in the corner on another counter. Completely thawed and at room temperature. Into the garbage it went (outside).

Dang. Best laid plans. Think we'll have ham. Razzer Cool
Well I got up early on Easter to start my Prime ribs. They went on the PG500 at 6am with a set point of 180* and settings of 45/10. I pulled the 3 bone short end when the probe read 132*, which was 11am.

I then pulled the small boneless roast when the temps read 141*, my wife likes her Prime rib medium, oh well! The time was 11:30am.

When I pulled the Prime ribs, I double foiled and put them in a cooler. It provides a nice rest and a chance to get all the other grub around. While this was happening I changed the set point on my grill to 325* with settings of 75/10. I then was able to reverse sear them right before we ate.

Here is a shot of the Sonja's boneless Prime rib...

On the left side is my short end prime rib shot...

Needless to say we ate too much!!!
Mike and Cal. Those look scrumptious. Cal. I've got the same medium rare/medium battle at my place. Creates its own little challenges, but we find ways to make it work.

We didn't smoke the Boar's Glazed Ham, but did enjoy those delicious beans.

I've got to say, the ham was absolutely the best I've eaten. No fat, no grizzled, no graininess...mellow, great flavor, a sweet glaze/syrup. Only thing that may have made it better would have been a layer of Cookshack smoke. Next time. The ham was expensive at $5.69/lb, but it was impressive. This ham has finally replaced Honey Baked as my daughter's favorite.
Originally posted by Eli O:
Cal, did you use a 1 to 1, salt to pepper rub/shake? Wow, they look awesome! I've been wanting to try them, but at the price I'm afraid of messing them up.

I put a sprinkling of Kosher salt, then a sprinkling of Montreal steak seasoning, and finished with a sprinkling of Zatarains "Big&Zesty Garlic&Herb creole seasoning". Didn't do any pepper, but the last two seasoning have a little heat to them. If anyone hasn't tried the Zesty garlic&herb seasoning, you're missing out on a good steak rub. I actually use is on chunk taters wrapped in foil with some butter, cooked in zone 2 of the grill.

One thing I'll do a little different, is to turn the prime rib when it's searing a couple more times. I would guess the grate temp would be about 500*. I seared for 5 minutes and turned for another 5 minutes....nice crust! That is Zone 4 for the cooking and zone 1 for the searing.

Oh, make sure you remove fat cap as much as possible, experience has taught me that it will burn in these conditions! Mad

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